Osmanlı Sikkeleri Tarihi 2 - History of Ottoman Coins - Damalı, Atom

Osmanlı Sikkeleri Tarihi 2 - History of Ottoman Coins

Atom Damalı

Yayınevi: Nilüfer Vakfı

Yayın tarihi: 06/2010

ISBN: 9789759327941

Ciltli | Türkçe-İngilizce | 767 Sayfa | Büyük boy  | 

Tür: Osmanlı Tarihi  |  Koleksiyon

  • 600,00 TL

Nilüfer Damalı was born in 1910 over the Ottoman lands, in Mitrovch nearby Thessalonica. During the Balkan war, she and her family migrated to Anatolia and settled in Sivas. When the Surname law was introduced, the family selected the name Ors. In 1928, she graduated from the Sivas Girls School for Theachers. During the early periods of Republic, for 9 years she educated her students.

In 1938, she married Ercument Damali in Sivas, and quit teaching in order to devote herself to her home and five children Dalga, Alev, Volkan, Tipi, and Atom.

In 1950, following the duty assignment of her spouse, they moved to Ankara. Nilüfer Damalı resumed hre contributions for the education of the youth and the enlightenment of people until 1979, when she passed away in Ankara.

Nilüfer Damalı, one of the first teachers of the Republican era, all through her career life, for which she devoted her youth and set her heart on, educated students in different schools in the light of love for children and young people. For Nilüfer Damalı, education was the most important tool to attain a contemporary civilization.

The Foundation was established in memory of our dear mother Nilüfer Damalı who spent her entire life proving us a warm home, whlie also being our advisor who shared her faith and ideals dedicated to life, love, knowledge, and constant individual and social progress.

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