Patient Provider Interaction - Sparks, Lisa

Patient Provider Interaction

Lisa Sparks

Yayınevi: Polity Press

Yayın tarihi: 09/2010

ISBN: 9780745645360

Yazar : Melinda Villagran

Ciltli | İngilizce | 196 Sayfa | 17,2x24,79x2,39 cm.

Tür: Medya-İletişim

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This book offers a much-needed introduction to the dynamics of thecommunication exchange between providers and patients in thehealth-care environment. Starting from the principle thathealth-care-providers and patients try to speak the same languageto reach the best decisions for patient care, but oftenmisunderstand each other whilst navigating the process ofdiagnosis, treatment and care, Lisa Sparks and Melinda Villagranclearly explain how health communication theory and research canhelp us better understand these complex interactions, and providestrategies for improving patient and provider communication.

Sparks and Villagran cover a broad range of key issues andtheories related to provider-patient interaction, including patientinformation and affective needs, barriers to effectivecommunication in health-care contexts, and communication skillstraining for providers. Drawing on the most current literature inthis vibrant field, they show the transformations that newtechnologies such as e-mail and text messaging have brought tocommunication with and between patients and providers, consider theroles of caregivers, both formal and informal, and illustrate howhealth-care organizations impact on interpersonal interactions.Throughout the book, Sparks and Villagran deftly illustrate howcommunicative understandings of patient-provider interaction canhave positive practical outcomes, feeding into health behaviourchange, creating a communication environment which can improvehealth literacy and ultimately lead to better health outcomes.

With groundbreaking insights, on-point explanations, and deeplymoving examples,

Patient and Provider Interaction illuminates and enricheswhat is most often one of the most important interactions of ourlives.

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