Physics for CIE - Bradley, Malcolm

Physics for CIE

Malcolm Bradley

Yayınevi: Collins

Yayın tarihi: 12/2006

ISBN: 9780007755431

İngilizce |

Tür: Fizik-Astronomi

  • Temin Süresi 49 - 70 iş günü


    temin süresi ve fiyatını size bildirelim


    stoklarımıza girdiğinde bilgilendirelim

Innovative and interactive, "International Collins IGCSE Physics" has been developed to give maximum support for students studying for the Cambridge International Examinations GCSE. International case studies are used throughout, 'localising' learning. An interactive CD ROM, supporting study and revision, and practical work, is included. The book provides a complete match to the CIE GCSE Physics Specification. This book includes general Physics: length and time; speed, velocity and acceleration; mass and weight; density; forces; energy, work and power; pressure. It includes thermal physics: simple kinetic molecular model of matter; thermal properties; transfer of thermal energy. It includes properties of waves, including light and sound: general wave properties; light; sound. It includes electricity and magnetisin: simple phenomena of magnetism; electrical quantities; electric circuits; dangers of electricity; electromagnetic effects; cathode ray oscilloscopes. It includes atomic physics: radioactivity; the nuclear atom. It includes illustrated glossary. The accompanying CD ROM provides support for study, revision and practical work. It includes interactive questions, video experiments for common practical tasks.

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