Pro Android Web Game Apps: Using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (Professional Apress) - Bura, Juriy

Pro Android Web Game Apps: Using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (Professional Apress)

Juriy Bura

Yayınevi: A Press

Yayın tarihi: 11/2012

ISBN: 9781430238195

Yazar : Paul Coates

İngilizce | 450 Sayfa |

Tür: Bilgisayar

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Pro Android Web Game Apps is a hands-on guide to building browser games for Android devices. The book covers both the theory and the practice of browser game development, from the very first steps to a complete multiplayer game with a rich graphical engine, complex logic and a powerful server. Oriented to Android devices, the book shows you how to use the full potential of this promising platform in your own projects. No other books are necessary to write your own commercial-grade games. The only languages that the reader must know are HTML and basic JavaScript--everything else is explained in detail and illustrated by examples. You dot need any other platforms knowledge; even your server-side programming is done with JavaScript. Start with a blank HTML page and create a massive, multiplayer online game at the end of the book! * Focus on Android--utilize the full power of the worls fastest-growing mobile platform * Hands-on approach * Build five exciting projects while learning web game apps development for or on Android * Use cutting-edge technologies to make a real 3D engine in your browser, connect to a server, and make your game social and viral What you'll learn * How to set up your development environment, run applications, debug and profile code * How to work with graphics and animations in browser * How to handle events and user input, and understand the portable device input models * How 3D engines work * How to develop or work with servers for online game apps * How to work with the algorithms behind game apps development for the web Who this book is for The book is intended for developers with some generic HTML and JavaScript background who want to boost their experience to the next level and learn how to utilize browsers to build attractive multiplayer games for Android platform. No previous games development or server-side knowledge is required.

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