Professional XMPP with JavaScript and JQuery - Moffitt, Jack

Professional XMPP with JavaScript and JQuery

Jack Moffitt

Yayınevi: John Wiley

Yayın tarihi: 01/2010

ISBN: 9780470540718

İngilizce | 432 Sayfa |

Tür: Bilgisayar / Programlama

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Professional XMPP starts off with a brief overview of XMPP followed by an overview of XMPP powered Web application architecture.  Once those building blocks are in place, the reader goes through implementing a series of more and more sophisticated applications which exercise various parts of the XMPP technology stack including a simple chat application, a microblogging client, a shared browsing project, collaborative editing, and a game.  The book concludes with some technical details on the XMPP to HTTP bridge and a few advanced topics like scaling and latency.   Coverage includes: XMPP stanzas, handlers, and events as XMPP stanzas are the core communication element, and all the applications will receive, process, generate, and extend these stanzas presence, which is one of the core building blocks of XMPP, enabling many of its social features group chat will be covered as a basis for more complex applications that involve collaboration Pubsub mechanics, which are useful in many common situations; Pubsub is one of the main reasons people are drawn toward XMPP technology.

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