Quran Unchallengeable Miracle - Kolektif

Quran Unchallengeable Miracle


Yayınevi: İstanbul Yayınevi

Yayın tarihi: 03/2016

ISBN: 9786056621215

İngilizce | 412 Sayfa | 16,00 x 24,00 cm

Tür: Din / Kutsal Kitaplar

  • 30,00 TL

:Inthecourse of ourjourneythroughthisbookweshallstudytherevelations of theQuran, a journeythatwilltake us fromthebottom of theseatotheheights of
space, fromthecreation of theuniversetothelatestdiscovery on thefirmament,
fromtheembryotothe life of beesandfromthemostprobingquestions of philosophytothemostcomplicatedproblems of physics. Inthisexpeditionweshalltrytoassesstheunbelievers’ contentionthat “TheQuran is theword of a human” as opposedto “TheQuran is theword of God.” WeshallwitnessthattheQuran is exemptfromallerrors, despitethevastrange of subjects it covers, andthat it revealsinformationthatwas not - andcould not possibly be - known at the time.

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