Rise of Christian Democracy in Europe  - Kalyvas, Stathis N.

Rise of Christian Democracy in Europe

Stathis N. Kalyvas

Yayınevi: Cornell University Press

Yayın tarihi: 08/1996

ISBN: 9780801483202

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Although in West European politics for more than a century, Christian Democratic parties remain largely unexplored and little understood. An investigation of how political identities and parties form, this book considers the origins of Christian Democratic - confessional - parties within the political context of Western Europe.

Examining five countries where a successful confessional party emerged (Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, and Italy) and one where it did not (France), Stathis N. Kalyvas addresses perplexing questions raised by the Christian Democratic phenomenon. How can we reconcile the religious roots of these parties with their tremendous success and resilience in secular and democratic Western Europe? Why have these parties discarded their initial principles and objectives to become secular forces governing secular societies? The author's answers reveal the way in which social and political actors make decisions based on self-interest under conditions that constrain their choices and the information they rely on - often with unintended but irrevocable consequences.

Kalyvas also lays a foundation for a theory of the Christian Democratic phenomenon which would specify the conditions under which confessional parties succeed and would determine the impact of such parties, and the way they are formed, on politics and society. Drawing from political science, sociology, and history, his analysis goes beyond Christian Democracy to address issues related to the methodology of political science, the theory of party formation, the political development of Europe, the relationship between religion and politics, the construction of collective political identities, and the role of agency and contingency in politics.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Christian Democratic Phenomenon 1
1 Actors and Preferences 21
2 Strategies and Outcomes 58
3 The Puzzle of Nonformation: The Case of France 114
4 The Formation of Confessional Parties in Historical Context 167
5 After the Formation: The Confessional Dilemma and the Construction of a Catholic Political Identity 222
Conclusion: Toward a Theory of Christian Democracy 257
References 265
Subject Index 291
Author Index 297

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