Runaways   - Golden, Christopher


Christopher Golden

Yayınevi: Marvel Comics

Yayın tarihi: 01/2018

ISBN: 9781484782019

İngilizce | 400 Sayfa |

Tür: Çizgi Roman

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"The Pride, back in L.A.? Their parents, alive? Karolina had never realized hope and fear could feel so much alike."

It's kind of hard to feel bad for a bunch of orphans when they're the ones who killed off their parents. But if your parents were Super Villains, you'd probably kill them too. These are the Runaways.

Nico, the de facto leader of this rag tag group of friends and goth, wields the Staff of One, a powerful staff that emerges from her body whenever she bleeds. Karolina, a striking beauty and light-up alien, she's a vegan who can fly. Chase, the oldest of the bunch and a tech-genius, is a really good-hearted person who can hold his own amongst these strong women. Gert, a hardcore feminist with a telepathic dinosaur named Old Lace, is in a strange situation. A full-on relationship with Chase. Molly, an 11-year old kid who can lift a truck over her head, wants to lift a truck over her head and then kill you with it. But only if you're mean to her.

When the Runaways stumble upon copycat villains trying to sacrifice an innocent teenage girl, their rescue mission is intercepted by another group of super adults. Immediately after rescuing the red-haired girl, a bloody and bruised kid named Zeke asks for their help. Zeke tells the Runaways that the leader of those super adults is actually his mom and they're called the Nightswatch, a Super Villain coven from San Francisco that's planning to take over L.A. Agreeing that they can't let another Pride take over the city, the Runaways work with Zeke to take down the Nightswatch. As the teens dive deeper, things begin to unravel, not just around the mystery of the Nightswatch and their Elder God rulers, but also around the serious relationship growing between Chase and Gert, the insecure nature of Nico's leadership, Karolina's growing romantic interest in the red-haired girl, and Molly's awkward puberty questions.

Runaways: An Original Novel, written by New York Times best-selling author Christopher Golden, is a fresh take on the Marvel fan favorite comic series of the same name. This original story takes place after the death of The Pride and provides fans with canonized backstory for each of their favorite characters. Golden gives readers a deep exploration into the minds of each Runaway on backdrop of an exciting new adventure in the Marvel Universe. Fans of the comics, fans of the new Hulu TV show, and first-time readers can all enjoy this perfectly contained teenage Super Hero story about laughing in the face of mortal danger, navigating the minefields of first love, and ultimately finding family in friendship.

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