Sea Monkeys and Brine Shrimp : A Keepers Handbook - Franklin, David

Sea Monkeys and Brine Shrimp : A Keepers Handbook

David Franklin

Yayınevi: Adhurst

Yayın tarihi: 01/2014

ISBN: 9780992798512

İngilizce | 126 Sayfa | 15,01x22,61x0,99 cm.

Tür: Hayvanlar

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If you're thinking of buying Sea Monkeys or brine shrimp as pets - buy this book first. The Internet is full of people talking about their Sea Monkeys dying quickly, getting ill and even not hatching in the first place. This book will help provide you with all the information needed to prevent these mistakes.

Whilst Sea Monkeys are relatively easy to keep there are certain facts that you must know if you want to keep them alive and happy. Don’t risk having to buy kit after kit and disappointing the kids (and yourself!) by failing to hatch them or keep them alive.

Sea Monkeys & Brine Shrimp contains everything you'll need to know including how much they cost to buy and keep, what equipment you'll need, where to get the eggs (or buy live), what they eat and how much to feed them, and how to look after them.

If you already have Sea Monkeys or brine shrimp this book will be an invaluable guide. You'll find out how to hatch them, how to breed them, and how to look after them as well as learning some cool facts about your pets.

Sea Monkeys & Brine Shrimp also answers lots of specific questions owners have including:

Should I change the tank water?

How can I tell the males from the females?

What do I do if my Sea Monkeys get ill?

How much so Sea Monkeys cost to keep?

How much should I feed my Sea Monkeys?

Can I feed them stuff from my fridge?

What is the ideal temperature for the tank water?

Are my Sea Monkeys fighting?

How long should Sea Monkeys live if you look after them properly?

Written in simple easy to understand language this book is a must for anyone wanting to keep Sea Monkeys or Brine Shrimp as pets.

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