SolidWorks 2013 Part II : Advanced Techniques - Tran, Paul

SolidWorks 2013 Part II : Advanced Techniques

Paul Tran

Yayınevi: SDC Publishing

Yayın tarihi: 11/2012

ISBN: 9781585037704

İngilizce | 688 Sayfa | Büyük boy  |  21,59x27,69x3,81 cm.

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SolidWorks 2013 Part II - Advanced Techniques picks up where SolidWorks 2013 Part I - Basic Tools leaves off. Its aim is to take you from an intermediate user with a basic understanding of SolidWorks and modeling techniques to an advanced user capable of creating complex models and able to use the advanced tools provided by SolidWorks. The text covers parts, surfaces, SimulationXpress, sheet metal, top-down assemblies and core and cavity molds.

Every lesson and exercise in this book was created based on real world projects. Each of these projects have been broken down and developed into easy and comprehensible steps for the reader. Furthermore, at the end of every chapter there are self test questionnaires to ensure that the reader has gained sufficient knowledge from each section before moving on to more advanced lessons. This book takes the approach that in order to understand SolidWorks, inside and out, the reader should create everything from the beginning and take it step by step.

Table of Contents

Advanced Modeling Topics
1. 3D Sketch
2. Planes Creation
3. Advanced Modeling - 5/8 inch Spanner
4. Sweep with Composite Curve - Helical Extension Spring
Sweep Variable Pitch Spring, closed ends
5. Advanced Modeling Sweep vs. Loft
6. Lofts - Water Meter Housing
7. Loft with Guide Curves - Waved Washer
Deforming a solid
8. Surfaces - Lofted Surfaces
Lofted Surface - Remote Control Casing
9. Advanced Surfaces Surface_Offset_Ruled
10. Using Filled Surfaces
Creating a boundary and free-form feature
Sweep with Solid Body
11. Surfaces vs. Solid Modeling - Helmet
Using PhotoView 360
L3 Final Exam
12. SimulationXpress - 5/8 inch Spanner

Sheet Metal Topics
13. Sheet Metal - Post Cap
Sheet Metal - Vents
14. Forming Tools - Button with Slots
Sheet Metal - Mounting Tray
15. Sheet Metal Conversions
Flat Pattern Stent
Stent example - Sheet metal approach
16. Working with Sheet Metal STEP files
Weldments Structural Members

Top-Down Assembly Topics
17. Top-Down Assembly - Core & Cavity - Assembly Level
Tooling Design - Part Level
18. Top-Down Assembly - Miniature Vise
19. Top-Down Assembly Water Control Valve
20. External References & Repair Errors
Level 4 Final Exam
CSWP Core Preparation Practice
SolidWorks 2013 Quick-Guides

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