Step Toward Correcting What is Taught in Introductory and Intermediate Books in Economics - Hatiboğlu, Zeyyat

Step Toward Correcting What is Taught in Introductory and Intermediate Books in Economics

Zeyyat Hatiboğlu

Yayınevi: Beta

ISBN: 9786053332763

İngilizce | 573 Sayfa | 15 x 23 cm

Tür: Ekonomi

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This was a dream. I mean the publication of this book. I feel now that over the long years preceding to the publication of this book, my numerous writings should lead to the present book, i.e., in which I underpinned several wrong and inadequate presentation of some very important principles of economics in introductory and intermediate books in economics.. At the beginning I tried to solve the deficiencies in books written in Turkish by adopting English and American books to the Turkish case by writing several books on economics. In the second stage, I wrote several books and articles about the problems confronting this economy; my recommendation about the measures to be taken were based on the information in American and English books. In the third stage, I perceived that they were not enough and also they were not logical in themselves and started to develop new theories and methodologies without any regard to the Turkish situation. This book is the end result of these efforts. If I were a bit younger, I could go over more recent literature and along with that I could also extend and clarify what was written in the final version of my books. However now, I feel that what I did should be satisfactory enough: I had to complete the mission I imagine I have.

This book is a combination of the book entitled UNCONVENTIONAL AND INNOVATIVE ANALYSES SUGGESTED BY THE TURKISH EXPERIENCE (2014) and several extracts from my previous books, also annexes, and appendices written in the late 2014. In a way, this can be considered as a COLLECTION. I wish I could have extended the background summaries of various topics in traditional introductory textbooks in economics added to the beginning of several chapters in this book.. However, even what it is written is good enough to illustrate what there is in these books and along with that the inadequacies in these books when they are contrasted with my original and unconventional ideas along with how I d them..

After a quick look at the contents of this book it would be perceived that the proportion devoted to summarize what are written in introductory amd intermediate books are very short and a much greater proportion of book is devoted to my unconventional and innovative ideas. Now the question. Are these ideas important and are my various criticisms valid? My answer is simple: I feel that they are right and important in presenting economics.
I tried to take up about 25 topics in order to criticize traditional books. It is apparent that several more topics are dealt with in this book. However, I did not touch all those explanations that are relevant and right. All I did was to spot some inadequatemaybe false explanations of several principles which should be learned right after the reading an introductoryintermediate books in economics.

I must stress right at the beginning that what l did in this book was to bring together what l had been writing over at least some 40 years. I wrote them along with the development and improvements during all these years. At the beginning they were crude and perhaps half truth but the process of the improvement could make them acceptable for any good willing economists.

Before reading this book the very fundamental ideas in economics should be learned. An introductory book should be read and learned. Otherwise my contentions would be considered meaningless.

Following this preface, the preface for the book entitled UNCONVENTIONAL AND CONVENTIONAL ECONOMIC ANALYSES SUGGESTED BY THE TURKISH EXPERIENCE is included. In this one the main aim is expressed quite clearly.
I hope that the readers would apologize all sorts of deficiencies due to my old age and also my being alone in the preparation of this book for publication. (Önsöz'den)

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