Substantive Law of the EU 2e : Revised Edition - BARNARD, CATHERINE

Substantive Law of the EU 2e : Revised Edition


Yayınevi: Oxford University Press

Yayın tarihi: 07/2007

ISBN: 9780199298396

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This book focuses on the substantive law of the EU with regard to the free movement of goods, persons, services, and capital. An introductory chapter outlines the background to EU law in this sphere; the role of free trade theory, the development of economic integration until the present day, and the fundamental principles underpinning this development.

The following sections then provide a detailed examination of the major categories - goods, persons, services and capital - and a concluding section deals with the legal issues raised by the ongoing process of harmonisation within the single market. The author makes judicious use of case studies to illustrate and develop central issues, diagrams and flowcharts to clarify the more complex areas of this sphere of EU law.

1. Introduction to the issues
Free Movement of Goods
2. Introduction to the free movement of goods
3. Article 25: customs duties and charges having equivalent effect
4. Article 90: internal taxation
5. Quantitative restrictions under Article 28; derogations under Article 30
6. Measures having equivalent effect to quantitative restrictions under Article 28
7. Article 28 and certain selling arrangements
8. Quantitative restrictions and measures having equivalent effect on exports under Article 29
9. Intellectual property and the free movement of goods
10. External economic relations of the EU: the common commercial policy
Free movement of persons and services
11. Introduction to the free movement of persons
12. Free movement of workers
13. Freedom of establishment
14. Freedom to provide and receive services
15. Union citizenship
16. Derogations, limitations, conditions and justifications
17. Third-country nationals and the EU
Free movement of capital
18. Free movement of capital and economic and monetary union
Completing the single market
19. Regulating the internal market

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