ThetaHealing : Digging for Beliefs  - Stibal, Vianna

ThetaHealing : Digging for Beliefs

Vianna Stibal

Yayınevi: Hay House

Yayın tarihi: 06/2019

ISBN: 9781788173469

Karton Kapak | İngilizce | 197 Sayfa | 22,7 x 15,6 cm

Tür: Kişisel Gelişim

  • 614,48 TL

 Learn how to access the deepest layers of your subconscious thinking to identify and correct limiting beliefs and enable life-changing physical and emotional healing.

ThetaHealing® is a revolutionary healing modality, devised by Vianna Stibal, that taps into the brain's Theta waves to enable deep emotional and physical healing by changing our limiting beliefs.

Yet often, we are afraid of digging to the deepest layers of our subconscious thinking, and instead gloss over them with new positive affirmations, or downloads; but they do not replace the deeply transformative work of exploring, understanding and correcting beliefs that were instilled in this life and past lives. This is the principle of digging for beliefs.

In this essential book for any student of ThetaHealing, you'll learn:

· the five vital steps of digging for beliefs
· how to identify core beliefs and the 10 different approaches to change them
· when it's appropriate to erase a belief, and when to use it as a springboard for positive change
· common mistakes made in digging work and how to avoid them in your own practice

With examples from Vianna's workshops, you'll soon be equipped with the right tools to dig for beliefs and enable deep, life-changing healing for yourself and others.

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