Trade and Travel in the Red Sea Region: Society for Arabian Studies Monographs Pt.2: Proceedings of  - Lunde, Paul

Trade and Travel in the Red Sea Region: Society for Arabian Studies Monographs Pt.2: Proceedings of

Paul Lunde

Yayınevi: British Archaeological Reports

Yayın tarihi: 08/2004

ISBN: 9781841716220

İngilizce | 186 Sayfa | Büyük boy  |  20,8x29,39x1,6 cm.

Tür: Ekonomi

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18 papers from the 1st Red Sea Project, held at the British Museum in October 2002. Contents: The Red Sea: the wind regime and location of ports (W. Facey); Arabian trade with ethiopia and the Horn of Africa: from ancient times to the 16th Century (R. Pankhurst); The elusive land of punt revisited (K.A. Kitchen); Pharaonic Egypt and the Red Sea arms trade (D.M. Dixon); Possible connections in Antiquity between the Red Sea coast of Yemen and the Horn of Africa (E.J. Keall); Ancient interaction across the southern Red Sea: new suggestions for investigating cultural exchange and complex societies during the 1st millennium BC (M.C. Curtis); The pre-Aksumite state in northern Ethiopia and Eritrea reconsidered (R. Fattovich); Pre-Aksumite Aksum and its neighbours (J. Phillips); Adulis to Aksum: charting the course of Antiquitys most important trade route in East Africa (W. Raunig); The Egyptp-Graeco-Romans and Panchaea/Azania: sailing in the Erythraean Sea (F. Chami); Reflections of ethnicity in the Red Sea commerce in Antiquity: evidence of trade goods, languages and religions from the excavations at Berenike (S.E Sidebottom); Gold dinars and silver dirhams in the Red Sea trade: the evidence of the Quseir documents (L. Guo); The merchants diet: food remains from Roman and medieval Quseir al-Qadim (M. Van der Veen); What the devil are you doing here? Arabic source for the arrival of the Portugese in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean (P. Lunde); Mamluk and Ottoman activity in Yemen in the 16th Century: coastal security and commercial significance (C. Smith); Quseir Fort and the archaeology of the Hajj (C. LeQuesne); Les echanges commerciaux entre les rives Africaine et Arabe de lespace Mer Rouge Golfe DAden aux seizieme et dix-septieme siecles (M. Tuchscherer); Luxury wares in the Red Sea: the Sadana Island shipwreck (C. Ward).

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