Transitions : From Reading To Writing 3e - Clouse, Barbara Fine

Transitions : From Reading To Writing 3e

Barbara Fine Clouse

Yayınevi: McGraw Hill

Yayın tarihi: 09/2001

ISBN: 9780072405217

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Tür: Eğitim (Genel)

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Transitions offers over sixty thematically-arranged short prose pieces introduced by four chapters that clearly explain how to read actively, structure essays logically, and employ the writing process effectively. Innovative post-reading workshops help students identify successful strategies in the readings and incorporate them into their own writing.

Table of Contents
Part One: Transitions from Reading to Writing
1 The Transition from Reading to Writing
Facts about Reading that May Surprise You
Reading Critically
Becoming an Active Reader
A Sample Marked Text: Peterson, Karen S. "The Truth about Our Little White Lies."
Reading Textbooks
The Connection between Reading and Writing

2 The Transition from Ideas to Essay
Idea Generation
A Demonstration of the Writing Process: An Essay-in-Progress

Part Two: Lives in Transition

3 Stages of Life: How Do We Grow and Change?
Dilliard, Annie. "The Chase."
Rodriguez, Richard, "Complexion"
Angelou, Maya. "Graduation"
White, E.B. "Once More to the Lake."
Neal, Patsy. "My Grandmother, the Bag Lady."
Kluger, Jeffrey. "Can We Stay Young Forever?"
Sheehy, Gail, "Predictable Crises of Adulthood."

4 Family Ties: What Does Family Mean?
Gunnerson, Ronnie. "Parents Also Have Rights."
Alvarez, Julia. "Hold the Mayonaise."
Sandroff, Ronni, "Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Fetal Rights vs. Mother's Rights
Kingsolver, Barbara. "Stone Soup" Parenting, 1/1995.
McKenna, George. "The Transmission of Hope."
Quoyawayma, "No Turning Back"
Wallerstein, Judith and Sandra Blakeslee. "On the Brow of the Hill"

Part Three: Society in Transition

5 The Individual in Society: How Do We Fit In How Do We Stand Out?
Rosenblatt, Roger, "Screams from Somewhere Else."
Gage, Nicholas. "The Teacher Who Changed My Life."
Liu, Sophronia. "So Tsi-fai"
Staples, Brent, "Just Walk on By: A Black Man Ponders His Power to Alter Public Space."
Noda, Kesaya E., "Growing Up Asian in America."
Walker, Alice. "Beauty: When the Other Dancer Is the Self."
Healy, Melissa, "Fighting to Fill the Values Gap."

6 The Impact of Technology: What Price Progress?
Zabludoff, Marc. "Fear and Longing"
Kleinfield, N.R. "Stepping Through a Computer Screen, Disabled Veterans Savor Freedom."
Lemonick, Michael D. "Will Tiny Robots Build Diamonds One Atom at a Time?"
Dertouzos, Michael L. "The Future of Computing"
Siegel, Charles. "A New Declaration of Independence."
Daum, Meghan. "Virtual Love."

Part Four: Culture in Transition
7 Gender Issues: What Does It Mean to Be Male or Female?
Leo, John. "Anti-Male Bias Increasingly Pervades Our Culture."
Cisneros, Sandra. "Only Daughter"
Meier, Daniel. "One Man's Kids."
Schoedel, Jean Reith. "Nora Quealey."
Stangl, Juthica. "India: A Widow's Devastating Choice."
Peyser, Marc and Donatella Lorch. "High School Controversial."

8 Cultural Diversity: How Do We Respond to Difference?
Santiago, Roberto. "Black and Latino."
Hirschfelder, Arlene. "It is Time to Stop Playing Indians."
Steffan, Joseph. "Honor Bound." Henderson, George. "Race in America."
Cole, Diana. "Don't Just Stand There"
Chan, Sucheng. Excerpt from "You're Short Besides"
Lewin, Tamar. "Growing Up, Growing Apart."

Part Five: Language and Learning in Transition

9 Issues in Education: How and What Do We Learn?
Baker, Russell, "Learning to Write."
Sherry, Mary. "In Praise of the F Word."
Miller, H. Bruce. "Life is Not Measured by Grade-Point Averages."
Rodriguez, Richard. "Reading for Success"
Morese, Jodie. "Is That Your Final Answer?"
Douglass, Frederick. "How I Learned to Read and Write."
Rose, Mike. "I Just Wanna Be Average."

10 The Power of Language: Influence or Consequence?
Malcolm X, "Coming to an Awareness of Language"
Johnson, Kirk. "Today's Kids Are, Like, Killing the English Language. Yeah, Right."
Tan, Amy, "Mother Tongue."
Cowley, Geoffrey, "For the Love of Language."
Leslie, Connie with Daniel Glick and Jeanne Gordon. "Classrooms of Babel."
Lutz, William. "Doublespeak."
Tannen, Deborah. "Talk in the Intimate Relationship: His and Hers."

Part Six: Viewpoints in Transition: Responding to Multiple Essays

11 Bioengineered Food: Manna from Heaven or Frankenfood?
J. Madeleine Nash, "Grains of Hope."
"Biotechnology in Agriculture."
Luooma, Jon R. "Pandora's Pantry."

12 Stem Cell Research: Experimentation or Exploitation?
Allen, Arthur. "God and Science."
Andrews, Lori B. "Embryos under the Knife."
Wolpe, Paul Root. "Helping People Requires Making Hard Decisions.

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