Vladimir Putin and the Evolution of Russian Foreign Policy - LO, BOB

Vladimir Putin and the Evolution of Russian Foreign Policy


Yayınevi: Blackwell

Yayın tarihi: 03/2003

ISBN: 9781405103008

İngilizce | 165 Sayfa |

Tür: Politika - Dünya

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Few world leaders of recent times have excited as much interest and speculation as Russian president Vladimir Putin. Emerging from virtual obscurity, he has become the symbol of a resurgent nation, committed to both positive engagement with the West and the vigorous pursuit of Russian interests. In this original and significant work, Bobo Lo explores the Putin foreign policy transformation and considers whether a fundamental shift has occurred in Moscow's approach towards the outside world.

Table of Contents
About the Author.
1. The Putin Phenomenon:
2. The Inheritance:Identity and Self-Perception.
The Political Context.The Institutional Context.The Foreign Policy Panorama.Conclusion.
3. The Policy-Making Environment:
A Cast of Thousands?The Primacy of the Individual and the Making (and Breaking) of Policy.All Together Now?Conclusion.
4. The Economic Agenda:
The 'Unaturalness' of Economics.Foreign Policy and Economic Reform.The Integration Agenda and Globalization.The Profit Motive.Geoeconomics and Geopolitics.Economization and a 'Balanced' Foreign Policy.
5. Security and Geopolitics:
The Geopolitical Mindset.Change and Continuity in Russian Strategic Thinking.The Evolution of Threat Perceptions.The Future of Security and Geopolitics - From Anachronism to Rebirth?
6. Identity, Values and Civilization:
The Burden of the Past.Integration with the West.Identification with the West and the Evolution of the Russian World-View.Conclusion.
7. 11 September and After:Policy-Making
- Image and Reality.The Economic Agenda - Westernization with Qualifications.A New Conception of Security?The Repacking of Identity.Strategic Opportunism.Towards a Sustainable Foreign Policy.Notes.Index.

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