100-Year Market Theory : An Evolutionary Perspective of Investment-Risk - Tuttle, Kevin A

100-Year Market Theory : An Evolutionary Perspective of Investment-Risk

Kevin A Tuttle

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Yayın tarihi: 01/2014

ISBN: 9781492821960

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The 100-Year Market Theory (100-YMT) is an investment foundation engineered to withstand all market landscapes—irrespective of cycle, time frame, or condition—in which all investors can confidently build individually appropriate risk-tolerant portfolios. The 100-YMT is the first theory to combine technical, fundamental, behavioral, and quantitative analyses over an extended period (100 years). Originally published in 2003, 100-YMT is available online at the Emmy Award-winning financial news site www.Minyanville.com. Kevin A. Tuttle, CEO, chief strategist, and cofounder of Tesseract Asset Management (“TAM”), developed his theory while comparing the technical configuration of the top ten bear markets in US history. The theory was founded on the premise that excess market valuations, due to extreme price movement upward over extended periods, may take years to wane as earnings catch up with prices. The goal of this book is to offer information to the reader about the historical trends and valuations of the US stock markets. Any investment strategy, philosophy, methodology, or general theory cannot be guaranteed. This book is sold with the understanding that neither the publisher nor the author are rendering specific investment advice and readers should consult with a professional advisor in order to ascertain their own risk profiles and therefore individually suitable investments and/or strategy. “The stock market is a complex and ever-changing multi-linear dynamic; the 100-Year Market Theory effectively determines and interprets the necessary historical and practical lenses necessary to make better and more informed financial decisions.” -Todd Harrison, Founder & CEO of the Emmy Award-winning Minyanville Media and author of The Other Side of Wall Street “Risk and risk management is front and center in every investor’s mind more than ever post-2008/09. Kevin’s approach is risk is clean, clear and accessible to investors at all levels. This book is a must-read.” -Kristin Fox, Managing Editor, AllAboutAlpha.com “Tuttle’s book is a splendid analysis of the nine secular phases of the US market over the past 100+ years. The work culminates in his Cyclical Trend Indicator (CTI), which has profound value to the investor struggling to navigate the tricky world of contemporary market behavior.” - Doug Short, PhD., VP of Research, Advisor Perspectives “This theory offers investors and practitioners a complex yet uniquely understandable way to assess the stock market. With a balance of forward-thinking analysis and technical foundation, the 100-Year Market Theory provides a new context to the ever-popular discussion on market dynamics.” - Diane Harrison, Principal and Founder of Panegyric Marketing, an alternative assets consulting firm “Whether you are an individual investor or a financial professional, this book is for you. Tuttle has not only mastered the history of markets, he has done so in a way that puts it in perspective. Gone are the days when we can ignore the investing past, foolishly turning a blind eye to risks that are clearly identified in the context of history. Downside protection matters and so does Tuttle’s work.” - Jeffery Lay, CMT, co-author of TOPGUN on Wall Street "In this new edition of his book originally published in 2003, portfolio manager Tuttle presents the latest version of his stock-picking strategy. The strategy demands an understanding of the business cycle over years and decades, rather than the shorter horizons most analysts rely on, and sees smaller cyclical ups and downs as components of larger, secular trends. The theory accounts for nine secular phases from 1906 to the present, with detailed looks at the ups and downs of each trend. Tuttle challenges the accepted theories of asset allocation, including the efficient markets theory and the capital asset pricing model." —Kirkus Reviews

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