Ancient History Magazine 05 : August/September 2016 -

Ancient History Magazine 05 : August/September 2016

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Competing for the Gods

The museum piece: Jona Lendering, "The Lacoon group - Agony"

The Laocoon Group in the Vatican Museums is one of the most famous pieces of sculpture from the ancient world. As a cultural icon, it is only comparable to the golden mask of Tutanchamun, the Venus of Milo, and the Dying Gaul. However, in spite of the statue’s fame, there are still unsolved riddles.

Special: Andrei Pogaciaş, "Ovid in exile - Between arrows and ice"

One of the most famous Latin poets of Antiquity is Publius Ovidius Naso, or Ovid, for short. Although he was the author of many works, he is best known for the masterpieces written in the final, most bitter years at the end his life, spent in exile at the edge of the Roman world, in Tomis, a port on the Black Sea.

Theme: Murray Dahm, "The Four Crown Games - Competing for the Gods"

Thinking of the Olympic Games, we think of the world’s top athletes vying with one another for gold. These ideas, however, have little to do with the original games. The sheer variety of competitions in ancient games reveals that something different was at play in these festivals.

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