Archaeologies of the Middle East : Critical Perspectives - Pollock, Susan

Archaeologies of the Middle East : Critical Perspectives

Susan Pollock

Yayınevi: Blackwell

Yayın tarihi: 11/2004

ISBN: 9780631230014

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Archaeology is a social practice that is thoroughly embedded in the contemporary world. This is nowhere clearer than in the Middle East, a region that is today an epicenter of political and economic tensions and ongoing conflicts. Archaeologies of the Middle East: Critical Perspectives provides an innovative introduction to the archaeology of this fascinating region spanning 100,000 years: from the Paleolithic to Hellenistic times and a window on both its past and present. Archaeologies of the Middle East explores the connections between modern-day politics and the social context of archaeological practice and underutilized approaches to archaeological interpretation, such as: examining the ways in which scholars write about the past, the portrayal of archaeology in the news media, and the impacts of and on archaeology in volatile political situations. Written by some of the top archaeologists of the Middle East, this volume integrates scholars from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of interests and intellectual approaches to their research. Archaeologies of the Middle East is carefully designed for student use and focuses on key themes and time periods rather than offering a static overview of the history of the region.

Table of Contents
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1. Introduction: Susan Pollock and Reinhard Bernbeck (Binghamton University, SUNY Binghamton University, SUNY)
2. A Cultural-Historical Framework: Reinhard Bernbeck and Susan Pollock
Part I: Producing and Disseminating Knowledge About the Ancient Near East: Reinhard Bernbeck and Susan Pollock
3. Who Has Not Eaten Cherries with the Devil? Archaeology under Challenge: Caroline Steele (Independent Scholar)
4. Archaeology and Nationalism in the Holy Land: Adel Yahya (Palestinian Association for Cultural Exchange)
5. Archaeology Goes to War at the Newstand: Susan Pollock
6. The Past as Fact and Fiction: From Historical Novels to Novel Histories: Reinhard Bernbeck
Part II: Reassessing Evolutionary "Firsts": Reinhard Bernbeck and Susan Pollock
7. Bleeding or Breeding: Neandertals vs. Early Modern Humans in the Middle Paleolithic Levant : John Shea (Stony Brook University, SUNY)
8. Lumps of Clay and Pieces of Stone: Ambiguity, Bodies, and Identity as Portrayed in Neolithic Figurines: Ian Kuijt and Meredith Chesson (University of Notre Dame University of Notre Dame)
9. The State: The Process of State Formation as Seen from Mesopotamia: Jean-Daniel Forest (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris)
10. Archaeology, Bible, and the History of the Levant in the Iron Age: Israel Finkelstein (Institute of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University)
11. Imperialism: Mario Liverani (University of Rome)
Part III: Constructing Arguments, Understanding Perceptions: Reinhard Bernbeck and Susan Pollock
12. Ethnoarchaeology, Analogy, and Ancient Society: Marc Verhoeven (University Museum, University of Tokyo)
13. The Ancient Sumerians in the Tides of Time: Petr Charvat (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and Charles University, Prague)
14. Reliquaries on the Landscape: Mounds as Matrices of Human Cognition: Sharon Steadman (SUNY Cortland)
15. Archaeology and Texts in the Ancient Near East: Paul Zimansky (Boston University)
16. Representations, Reality, and Ideology: Jennifer Ross (Hood College)Index

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