Automotive Electronics Handbook 2e - Jurgen, Ronald K.

Automotive Electronics Handbook 2e

Ronald K. Jurgen

Yayınevi: McGraw Hill

ISBN: 9780070344532

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Tür: Elektrik-Elektronik

The most thorough explanation available of the sophisticated electronics that now run every system in the car. The new edition of the leading book in the field has added: new chapters on improved safety features; new sections on adding electronic intelligence; electronic vehicle and how they run.

Brimming with the latest advances in auto electronics, Automotive Electronics Handbook, Second Edition makes you an instant expert on today's leading edge technologies stability control, object detection, collision warning, adaptive cruise control, and more. Plus, you get under-the-hood engineering details on automotive antitheft systems, navigation aids, and intelligent vehicle-highway systems completely updated for 21st century vehicle design.

Nearly 50 well-known auto electronics gurus at firms ranging from Chrysler to Motorola hand you ready-to-use templates and powerful on-the-job shortcuts, taking you far beyond basic sensors and actuators for schematic-level working explanations of everything from front and side airbags, smart instrument displays and sleep warning systems to seat occupancy detectors, all-electric vehicles, electric hybrids and more. With hundreds of all-new design secrets and previews of emerging digital technologies, this exhaustive guide is the most comprehensive of its kind.

Part I: Introduction.
Part II: Sensors and Actuators.
Pressure Sensors.
Linear and Angle Position Sensors.
Flow Sensors.
Temperature, Heat, and Humidity Sensors.
Exhaust Gas Sensors.
Speed and Acceleration Sensors.
Engine Knock Sensors.
Engine Torque Sensors.
Part III: Control Systems.
Automotive Microcontrollers.
Engine Control.
Transmission Control.
Cruise Control.
Braking Control.
Traction Control.
Stability Control.
Suspension Control.
Steering Control.
Lighting, Wipers, Air Conditioning/Heating.
Part IV: Displays and Information Systems.
Instrument Panel Display Technologies.
On- and Off-Board Diagnostics.
Part V: Safety, Convenience, Entertainment, and Other Systems.
Passenger Safety and Convenience.
Remote Keyless Entry and Antitheft Systems.
Entertainment Products.
Multiplex Wiring Systems.
Part VI: Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility.
Electromagnetic Standards and Interference.
Electromagnetic Compatibility.
Part VII: Emerging Technologies.
Object Detection, Collision Warning, Collision Avoidance.
Adaptive Cruise Control.
Navigation Aids and Driver Information Systems.
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).
Electric and Hybrid Vehicles.
Noise Cancellation Systems.
The Digital Vehicle.

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