Bozcaada Book - Şahin, Haluk

Bozcaada Book

Haluk Şahin

Yayınevi: Troya

ISBN: 9789759227593

Çevirmen : Ayşe A. Şahin

İngilizce | 159 Sayfa |

Tür: Gezi/Doğa

The Turkish edition of Haluk Şahin's Bozcaada book has been a local classic and best-seller ever since it appeared in 2001, playing a major part in redefining and publicizing Bozcaada's uniqueness, and setting it on a new future course. Long in demand, the English translation will serve as a guide to non-Turkish speaking readers as they discover and create their own Bozcaada. The book was abiy translated into English by Ayşe A. Şahin, who made an extra effort to maintain the literary flavor of the origmal. As Haluk Şahin, a well-known journalist, author, television producer, academician and lover of Bozcaada, pııts it in the preface of his book:

"... Everyone's Bozcaada is different. Depending on one's ability to see and the capacity in one's mind's eye, everyone sees something more or something less in this island's rocks - in its soil, in its herbs, in its birds... in its wind's tireless breaths... Everyone creates his or her own Bozcaada, as if drawing a picture. This book has been written for those who want to look at (and look after) Bozcaada with love..." -Back Cover-

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