Cisco Certification : Bridges , Routers and Switches for CCIEs - Caslow, Bruce

Cisco Certification : Bridges , Routers and Switches for CCIEs

Bruce Caslow

Yayınevi: Pearson Education

Yayın tarihi: 02/1998

ISBN: 9780130825377

Yazar : Valerly Pavlichenko

İngilizce | 450 Sayfa |

Tür: Bilgisayar

Dont just cram for the exam. Develop a structured study plan for CCIE certification. You know attaining CCIE certification is tough. Only 20% of candidates pass it the first time. Improve your odds dramatically by applying the proven test preparation techniques described in this book.

Bridges, Routers and Switches for CCIEs provides a systematic roadmap to guide candidates in expanding their internetworking knowledge base as well as refining internetwork "issue spotting", troubleshooting and analysis skills. Youll learn key test-taking strategies as you review all major protocols.

By categorizing and ordering internetworking topics, you will build a systematic study scheme. End-of chapter checklists help you advance as your knowledge base grows. The six levels covered in this book are:
* Level I: Physical and Data Link Layer (Frame-Relay, ISDN, Catalyst 5000, ATM).
* Level II: IP Addressing, IP IGP Routing and Route Redistribution (RIP, IGRP, EIGRP and OSPF).
* Level III: IP Exterior Gateway Routing Protocols (BGP4).
* Level IV: Non-IP Routing Protocols (IPX, AppleTalk, DECNET).
* Level V: Non-IP Routing Protocols (Transparent Bridging, IRB, SRB, SRT and DLSw+).
* Level VI: Managing Internetwork Traffic (Access-lists, Queuing and Route-Maps). All topics covered will involve a hands-on format including:
* Step-by-step configuration explanations.
* Expert use of Cisco IOS Show commands.
* Detailed analysis using Cisco IOS debugging tools. After youve used this book as a roadmap to prepare for the CCIE exam, youll continue to treasure it as a comprehensive reference for both technical reference and problem-solving.
Table of Contents
1. Introduction to the CCIE Study Guide.
2. Getting Started: July-4th-2:10 pm.
3. General Guidelines for Cisco Router Interface and Catalyst Port Configuration.
4. Configuring Frame-Relay to Map or Not to Map That is the Question.
5. Configuring ISDN and Dial-on-Demand Routing.
6. Configuring the Catalyst 5000 and VLANs.
7. Configuring ATM.
8. Level One Summary and Review Cisco Fusion Revisited.
9. IP Addressing and the IP Routing Process.
10. Configuring RIP, IGRP, and EIGRP.
11. Configuring OSPF.
12. Redistribution of IP Routes.
13. Level II Summary.
14. Exterior Routing with BGP.
15. Introduction to Configuring non-IP Routing Protocol Suites.
16. IPX Configuration.
17. AppleTalk Configuration.
18. Configuration DECNET.
19. Level IV Summary.
20. Bridging Non-Routable Traffic.
21. Configuring Source Route Bridging and DLSw+.
22. Level V Summary.
23. Managing Traffic.
24. Configuring IP Access-Lists.
25. Configuring Non-IP Routing Access-Lists.
26. Access-Lists for Non-Routable Traffic.
27. Prioritizing Traffic.
28. Configuring Route-Maps.
29. Level Six Summary.
30. Troubleshooting Routers and Switches.
31. Test Preparation Checklist and Test-Taking Techniques.
32. Sample Scenarios.
Appendix A: Navigating the Cisco IOS.
Appendix B: Can You Spot the Issues Answer Key.

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