Clinical Paediatric Nephrology 3E - Webb, Nicholas

Clinical Paediatric Nephrology 3E

Nicholas Webb

Yayınevi: Oxford University Press

Yayın tarihi: 10/2003

ISBN: 9780192632876

Editör : Robert Postlethwaite

Ciltli | İngilizce | 536 Sayfa |

Tür: Tıp

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This highly acclaimed book deals with all the key kidney, ureter and bladder problems likely to be encountered by the non-specialist paediatrician and paediatric nephrologist. The book adopts an evidence-based, problem solving approach and focuses on presenting clinical symptoms rather than being disease orientated. Emphasis is placed on differential diagnosis, evaluation and treatment. Where no evidence is available or where controversy exists, a clear opinion on the most appropriate treatment is provided. For this completely revised and updated edition over half of the text is revised. New chapters have been added on psychosocial care principles, drug prescribing in children and paediatric nephrology in the third world. Certain chapters have been condensed for clarity and other chapters have been combined to facilitate practical use. This edition is based around practical guidelines and contributions have been collected from international experts in the field. The chapters contain key point boxes highlighting the important take-home messages. The well-structured text is ideal for trainee and non-specialist paediatricians, for paediatric nephrologists and for nephrologists and urologists with an interest in children. This book is undoubtedly regarded as 'the' paediatric nephrology textbook to be held on the shelves of all general paediatric departmental libraries.

Table of Contents

1. The child with abnormal urinalysis, haematuria and/or proteinuria

2. Disorders of fluid and electrolyte balance

3. The approach to a child with acidosis or alkalosis

4. Disorders of mineral metabolism and nephrolithiasis

5. Renal tubular disorders

6. Imaging in paediatric nephrology

7. How and when to measure blood pressure

8. The child with hypertension

9. Disorders of micturition

10. Neuropathic bladder: identification, investigation and management

11. The child with urinary tract infection

12. Common urological problems

13. Antenatal detection of renal anomalies

14. Antenatal renal problems: management in the postnatal period

15. The neonate with renal disease

16. Inherited renal disease and genetic counselling

17. Renal malformations and renal involvement in syndromes

18. Clinical presentation and evaluation of cystic disease

19. The child with idiopathic nephrotic syndrome

20. The child with acute nephrotic syndrome

21. Renal manifestations of systemic disorders

22. The child with acute renal failure

23. The management of chronic and end stage renal failure in children

24. Psychosocial care of children and their families

25. Meeting the information needs of children and their families

26. Practical guidelines for drug prescribing in children with renal disease: preventing nephrotoxicity and adjusting doses in renal impairment

27. Paediatric nephrology in developing countries

28. Reference data for paediatric nephrology

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