Congressional Authorizations and Appropriations - Heniff, Bill

Congressional Authorizations and Appropriations

Bill Heniff

Yayınevi: Capitol.Net

Yayın tarihi: 01/2010

ISBN: 9781587331824

Yazar : Sandy Streeter

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"Congressional Authorizations and Appropriations" is part of the Government Series from TheCapitol.Net

A primary avenue for exercising Congress's power of the purse is the authorization and appropriation of federal spending to carry out government activities.

While the power over appropriations is granted to Congress by the U.S. Constitution, the authorization appropriation process is derived from House and Senate rules.

The formal process consists of two sequential steps: (1) enactment of an authorization measure that may create or continue an agency or program as well as authorize the subsequent enactment of appropriations; and (2) enactment of appropriations to provide funds for the authorized agency or program.

Summary of Contents

Ch. 1. Overview of the Authorization-Appropriations Process, by Bill Heniff Jr

Ch. 2. The Congressional Appropriations Process: An Introduction, by Sandy Streeter

Ch. 3. Supplemental Appropriations: Trends and Budgetary Impacts Since 1981, by Thomas L. Hungerford

Ch. 4. Examples of Legislative Provisions in Annual Appropriations Acts, by Robert Keith

Ch. 5. Earmark Disclosure Rules in the Senate: Member and Committee Requirements, by Megan Suzanne Lynch

Ch. 6. Earmark Disclosure Rules in the House: Member and Committee Requirements, by Megan Suzanne Lynch

Ch. 7. House and Senate Procedural Rules Concerning Earmark Disclosure, by Sandy Streeter

Ch. 8. "Federal Budget Process," by Bill Heniff Jr. and Robert Keith, Ch. 9 in the Congressional Deskbook

Ch. 9. Other Resources From TheCapitol.Net

Live Courses

Capitol Hill Workshop

Understanding Congressional Budgeting and Appropriations

Advanced Federal Budget Process

The President's Budget

The Defense Budget

Capitol Learning Audio Courses TM

The Appropriations Process in a Nutshell, ISBN: 1587330431

Authorizations and Appropriations in a Nutshell, ISBN: 1587330296

Ch. 10. Other Resources

Complete Table of Contents at

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