Contentious Politics in the Middle East: Popular Resistance and Marginalized Activism beyond the Ara - Gerges, Fawaz A.

Contentious Politics in the Middle East: Popular Resistance and Marginalized Activism beyond the Ara

Fawaz A. Gerges

Yayınevi: Palgrave Macmillan

Yayın tarihi: 09/2015

ISBN: 9781137537201

İngilizce | 342 Sayfa |

Tür: Politika - Dünya

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While the Arab people took center stage in the 'Arab Spring' protests, academic studies focus on state structure, regime nature, militaries, and external powers to understand the limitations of popular uprisings in the Middle East. Contentious Politics in the Middle East redresses a gap in focus as it analyzes the complexities of popular agency through the framework of contentious politics theory, without neglecting the negotiations between the people and the structural factors highlighted above. The book's chapters apply familiar questions raised by theorists to the under-researched case-study of the Middle East after the uprisings: why do some contentious politics emerge into social movements, while some fragment or are repressed? How and why do contentious politics differ? How have social movements changed, or been changed by, the political contexts within which they operate? How does contentious politics theory help us understand recent events in the Middle East? What limitations of contentious politics theory have these events exposed? Edited by Fawaz A. Gerges and featuring insights from top scholars, this collection seeks to answer these important questions as it advances contentious politics theory.

Introduction Contextualizing The Arab Uprisings: Different Regimes, Different Revolutions And Different Trajectories; Fawaz A Gerges PART I 1. Contention And Constitutionalisation In The Global Realm: Assessing The Uprisings In West Asia And North Africa For International Politics; Jan Wilkens 2. Reconceptualizing Resistance And Reform In The Middle East; Mishana Hosseinioun 3. Kuwaiti Arab Spring? The Role Of Transnational Factors In Kuwait's Contentious Politics; Anastasia Nosova 4. The Iraqi Independence Movement: A Case Of Transgressive Contention; Aula Hariri PART II 5. Contentious Politics And The Syrian Crisis: Internationalisation And Militarisation Of Conflict; Jasmine Gani 6. Foreign Engagement In Contentious Politics: Europe And The 2011 Uprisings In Libya; Inez Von Weitershausen 7. Foreign Actors: A Double-Edged Sword Over Contentious Politics In The Middle East; Eugenio Lilli 8. Transnationalized Domestic Contention: Explaining The Varying Level Of Western Solidarity Given To Kurds And Palestinians; David Zarnett 9. The Emergence Of The Boycott, Divestment, And Sanctions Movement; Suzanne Morrison PART III 10. Contentious Copts: The Emergence, Success And Decline Of Maspero Youth Movement In Egypt; Magdalena C. Delgado 11. From Progress To Order: The 'Kurdish Openings' And Limits To Contentious Politics In Turkey; Oguzhan Goksel 12. Contentious Politics And Bottom-Up Mobilisation In Revolutionary Egypt: The Case Of Egyptian Football Supporters In Cairo; Suzan Gibril 13. A Berber Spring: The Breakthrough Of Amazigh Minorities In The Uprisings' Aftermath; Cleo Jay PART IV 14. New Modes Of Collective Actions: The Reemergence Of Anarchism In Egypt; Laura Galian 15. Muslim Groups In The Gezi Park Protests: Identity Politics And Contentious Politics Under Authoritarian Neoliberalism; Ayse Dursun 16. Claiming 'Marginal Space': The Contentious Politics Of 'Citizenship' Among Palestinian Feminists In Israel; Kim Jezabel Zinngrebe 17. Characteristics Of Prolonged Social Movements: The Case Of Gezi Park Protests; Birce Altiok-Karsiyaka And Kerem Yildirim 18. Reassembling The Political: Placing Contentious Politics In Jordan; Christopher Parker & Pascal Debruyne PART V 19. Contentious Economics In Occupied Palestine; Alaa Tartir 20. The Bottom-Up Mobilization Of Lebanese Society Against Neoliberal Institutions: The Case Of Opposition Against Solidere's Reconstruction Of Downtown Beirut; Hadi Makarem 21. Iftar In Mcdonald's: The Everyday Encroachment Of Cairo's Subaltern Cosmopolitans; Harry Pettit Conclusions; John Chalcraft

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