Cowbell Principle : Career Advice On How To Get Your Dream Job And Make More Money - Carter, Brian

Cowbell Principle : Career Advice On How To Get Your Dream Job And Make More Money

Brian Carter

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Yayın tarihi: 10/2014

ISBN: 9781499572889

İngilizce | 178 Sayfa | 15,24x22,1x1,27 cm.

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More Cowbell = More Career Satisfaction
The Only Career Advice Book That'll Teach You How To Get Paid More For Making Other People Happy With Your Unique Gifts

What Is The Cowbell Principle? Just like Will Ferrell's goofy cowbell player in the Saturday Night Live sketch "More Cowbell," you already possess a unique value that people have a fever for - your cowbell. For individuals, a cowbell is a talent or gift. For businesses, it's a permanent competitive advantage. The key to happiness and success is knowing who you are and how you can make other people happy. A cowbell gives your value to people and they love you for it.

What Problem Does It Solve? As simple as The Cowbell Principle sounds, few people or businesses harness its full power. Many individuals struggle to find their unique gift. Some toil on things they love that no one else appreciates- these are bagpipes not cowbells. Some find their cowbell but are frustrated that they can't spend more time on it. Still others wish they could get paid for it. Similarly, many companies begin and grow without a real competitive advantage. This dooms them to miserable pricing wars with other non-unique businesses, shrinking profits and eventual failure. This book helps people and businesses find their true cowbell, develop it and communicate it. As a result, they reach new levels of joy, fulfillment and profits.

Who Is It For? The book is for leaders, entrepreneurs, marketers, creatives and artists who want to maximize their unique differentiating strengths. But it's also for employees anywhere who want to make more money, enjoy their work more and create job security for themselves., the book contains instructions on how to get 3 free bonuses: 

#1 The Controversial Chapter They Made Us Take Out! "True Success Secrets That Make People Uncomfortable... So They Ignore Them And End Up Mediocre!"

You may not want to read this one... it's unconventional. But if you're the kind of person that just wishes people would level with you, you'll love it, because it's going to help you get further in your career...if you can take it! 

#2 The Superfun Cowbell Overview Webinar

Want the career-enhancing benefits of the book in just 45 minutes in video format? Then this is for you! A recording of Garrison & Brian doing a Live Google Hangout explaining the most interesting and useful parts of the book.

#3 The Mystery Bonus!

An Excerpt:

"More Cowbell" is one of the most popular Saturday Night Live sketches of all time. It has permeated our culture. It's a meme. Most people have heard of it. If you haven't, hang on a second -- we'll give you the link to the video and we'll go through the script momentarily.

 It's actually okay that you have not heard of it, and we don't mean to be offensive when we say... it's not your fault. You are most likely too old or too young to have been exposed to the really good things that life has to offer. The strategies in this book will work for anyone whether they have seen the sketch or not. So relax in your death bed, cancel your sponge bath, or cut your middle school math class and get ready to be free of your ignorance. And again, please don't take this the wrong way (your overwhelming ignorance and bad-birth-timing, I mean).

"More Cowbell" is hilarious. And as Brian accidentally discovered, it provides a profound analogy for self-discovery, self-improvement, mentoring, and teamwork.
It offers clues about your life's purpose and how to be successful in life. Garrison's study of the sketch revealed parallels with top performers from almost every industry. He agreed with Brian that knowing what you love, knowing who values it, and handling people and situations while enjoying the moment could make anyone much more successful. They also agreed it would take a super-long sentence to convey that point. 

Get the book now!

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