Egypt, Greece and Rome 2e - Freeman, Charles

Egypt, Greece and Rome 2e

Charles Freeman

Yayınevi: Oxford University Press

Yayın tarihi: 01/2004

ISBN: 9780199263646

İngilizce | 732 Sayfa |

Tür: Uygarlıklar Tarihi

Egypt, Greece and Rome is regarded as one of the best general histories of the ancient world. It is written for the general reader and the student coming to the subject for the first time and provides a reliable and highly accessible point of entry to the period.

The volume begins with the early civilizations of Sumer (modern Iraq) and continues through to the Islamic invasions and the birth of modern Europe after the collapse of the western Roman empire. The book ranges beyond political history to cover philosophy, art and literature. A wide range of maps, illustrations and photographs complements the text.

The second edition incorporates new chapters on the ancient Mediterranean and the Ancient Near East, as well as extended coverage of Egypt.

Table of Contents
1. Rediscovering the Ancient World
2. The Civilizations of the Ancient Near East, 5000 - 1200 BC
3. Egypt, the Gift of the Nile 3200 - 1500 BC
4. Egypt as an Imperial Power, 1500 - 1000 BC
Interlude One. The Amarna Letters
5. Daily Life in New Kingdom Egypt
6. The Ancient Near East 1200 - 500 BC
7. Settings for Civilization: The Mediterranean
8. The Early Greeks, 2000 - 700 BC
9. The Greeks in a Wider World, 800 - 600 BC
10. Hoplites and Tyrants: The Emergence of the City State
11. Cultural Change in the Archaic Age
12. The Persian Wars
13. Everyday Life in Classical Greece
14. Religion and Culture in the Greek World
15. Athens: Democracy and Empire
16. From Aeschylus to Aristotle
Interlude Three. Rhetoric
17. The Struggle for Power, 431 - 338 BC
18. Alexander of Macedon and the Expansion of the Greek World
19. The Hellenistic World
Interlude Four. Celts and Parthians
20. The Etruscans and Early Rome
21. Rome becomes a Mediterranean Power
22. From the Gracchi to Caesar, 133 - 55 BC
Interlude Five. Voices from the Republic
23. The Fall of the Roman Republic, 55 - 31 BC
Interlude Five. Women in the Roman Republic
24. Augustus and the Founding of Empire
25. Consolidating the Empire, AD 14 - 138
26. Administering and Defending the Empire
Interlude Six. The Romans as Builders
27. Social and Economic Life in the Empire
28. Transformations: The Roman Empire, 138 - 313
29. The Foundations of Christianity
30. The Empire in the Fourth Century
31. The Creation of a New Europe, 395 - 600
32. The Emergence of the Byzantine Empire
Epilogue: Legacies
Date Chart and List of Events

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