Elgar Companion to Post Keynesian Economics - King, John E.

Elgar Companion to Post Keynesian Economics

John E. King

Yayınevi: Edward Elgar

Yayın tarihi: 08/2013

ISBN: 9781781007044

İngilizce | 640 Sayfa | 15,49x23,11x3,81 cm.

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'The Elgar Companion to Post Keynesian Economics is a comprehensive guide to economic analyses in the tradition of Keynes and the so-called Cambridge (UK) school of economics. The coverage of themes and different theoretical orientations within Post Keynesianism is remarkable and the quality of the various entries is impressive. John King's invisible hand is responsible for a minimum of overlaps and an optimum in quality and comprehensibility. This book has already proved to be of interest to a wide range of economists and can be expected to continue to do so for a long time to come.'
- Heinz D. Kurz, University of Graz, Austria

This thoroughly revised and updated second edition provides a comprehensive guide to Post Keynesian methodology, theory and policy prescriptions.

The Companion reflects the challenges posed by the global financial crisis that began in 2008 and by the consolidation of the New Neoclassical Synthesis in macroeconomic theory. There are 41 entirely new entries, marking the emergence of a new generation of Post Keynesian scholars. The central issues that were dealt with in the first edition remain at the core of the book, but much more attention is paid in this second edition to financial markets, to Post Keynesian economics outside its traditional Anglo-American heartland and to gender issues and environmental policy.

Including major theoretical, methodological and policy issues in Post Keynesian economics, this enriching Companion will strongly appeal to postgraduate and advanced undergraduate students in economics as well as related social science disciplines including international political economy, international relations, politics, public policy and sociology.

Contributors: A. Altuzarra, P. Arestis, T. Asada, A. Barba, T. Baskoy, J. Bibow, S. Blankenburg, R.A. Blecker, H. Bloch, A. Brown, D. Bunting, F.J. Cardim de Carvalho, V. Chick, J. Cornwall, W. Cornwall, J. Courvisanos, C. Danby, F. Dantas, P. Davidson, L.F. De Paula, D. Dequech, S.C. Dow, P. Downward, S. Dullien, S.P. Dunn, A.K. Dutt, S. Fazzari, F. Ferrari-Filho, B. Fine, G. Fontana, M. Forstater, G. Fujii, R. Garnett, B. Gerrard, M. Glickman, G.C. Gu, G.C. Harcourt, J.T. Harvey, M. Hayes, E. Hein, J.F. Henry, G. Hewitson, M.C. Howard, P. Howells, T. Jefferson, J. Jespersen, T.-H. Jo, D.W. Katzner, S. Keen, S. Kelton, J.E. King, P. Kriesler, M. Lavoie, J. Leclaire, F.S. Lee, J. Lodewijks, M.C. Marcuzzo, J.S.L. McCombie, E.J. McKenna, A. Mearman, J. Melmiès, W. Mitchell, G. Mongiovi, T. Mott, T. Mouakil, Y. Nersisyan, J.W. Nevile, T. Niechoj, R. O'Donnell, P.A. O Hara, A. Pacella, T.I. Palley, G. Palma, C. Panico, S.D. Parsons, N. Perry, M. Pivetti, R. Pollin, S. Pressman, J. Priewe, A. Razmi, R. Realfonzo, C. Rider, L.-P. Rochon, C.J. Rodríguez-Fuentes, S. Rossi, C. Sardoni, M. Sawyer, R.H. Scott III, M. Setterfield, N. Shapiro, H.J. Sherman, P. Skott, J. Smithin, E. Stockhammer, R. Studart, P.R. Tcherneva, A.P. Thirlwall, Z. Todorova, J. Toporowski, G. Tortorella Esposito, A.B. Trigg, É. Tymoigne, L. Ussher, T. Van Treeck, A. Vercelli, M. Vernengo, M. Watts, E. Webster, A. Winnett, M.H. Wolfson, L.R. Wray, D.C. Zannoni

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