Energy 2e


Yayınevi: Pearson Education

Yayın tarihi: 10/1995

ISBN: 9780023046018

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The most complete book of its kind on the market, this text focuses on energy needs, trends, and long term prospects and resource supplies. It discusses the physics of energy, atoms, nuclei, thermal energy, solar energy, alternative energy, and consequences of energy production. Table of Contents
1. General Considerations.
2. A Digression on the Necessity of a Finite World Population.
3. Work, Energy, and Power.
4. Electricity.
5. Consumption of Electrical Energy: Projections and Exponential Growth.
6. Production and Distribution of Electricity.
7. Atoms and Chemical Energy.
8. The Efficiency of Energy Generation and Thermodynamics.
9. Environmental Effects of Utility Generating Facilities.
10. Mineral Resources.
11. Fossil-Fuel Resources.
12. Moving Down the Road.
13. Pollution From Fossil Fuels.
14. Climate.
15. Climate Change and Human Activity.
16. Nuclear Energy.
17. Energy From Nuclear Reactors.
18. Safety and Nuclear Energy.
19. Solar Energy.
20. Solar Energy and Water.
21. Biomass Energy.
22. The Energy Cost of Agriculture - A Case Study.
23. Energy Storage and Energy Alternatives.
24. Conservation: An Important Energy Source.
25. Recycling and Reuse.
26. Tocsin.
Appendix 1. Scientific Notation.
Appendix 2. Logarithms.
Appendix 3. Understanding Tabular Data.

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