Engineering Fundamentals of the Internal Combustion Engine 2e PIE - Pulkrabek, Willard W.

Engineering Fundamentals of the Internal Combustion Engine 2e PIE

Willard W. Pulkrabek

Yayınevi: Pearson Education

Yayın tarihi: 08/2004

ISBN: 9780131918559

İngilizce | 504 Sayfa | Büyük boy  |  235 mm x 178 mm

Tür: Makine

  • Temin Süresi 10 - 45 iş günü


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    stoklarımıza girdiğinde bilgilendirelim

This applied thermoscience text explores the basic principles and applications of various types of internal combustion engines, with a major emphasis on reciprocating engines. It covers both spark ignition and compression ignition engines as well as those operating on four-stroke cycles and on two stroke cycles ranging in size from small model airplane engines to the larger stationary engines.


Added and expanded topics - i.e., variable valve control; fuel injection; hydrogen fuel; fuel cells; and noise pollution, presents students with the ever advancing technology changes and improvements of internal combustion engines in the last decade.

Data of actual engines, supplies students with formulas and fundamentals of engineering thermodynamics and heat transfer in various places throughout the text.

Over 50 new worked example and review problems - Combine with open-ended design problems in each chapter, emphasizes important concepts and design throughout the curriculum, and allows students to check their understanding of key content before moving on.

Added and improved figures throughout, enhances the visual appeal of the text and students' understanding of it.

Added historical notes. Use of both SI units and English units - With a conversion tables of SI and English units of common parameters used in engine work found in the Appendix, familiarizes students with the research and development of engines found in the technical literature that uses SI units, and speaks to them in the language of the consumer market which still commonly uses English units - particularly in the automobile industry. Photographs, line drawings, and cycle diagrams, shows students many different types and sizes of engines.

1. Introduction.
2. Operating Characteristics.
3. Engine Cycles.
4. Thermochemistry and Fuels.
5. Air and Fuel Induction.
6. Fluid Motion within Combustion Chamber.
7. Combustion.
8. Exhaust Flow.
9. Emissions and Air Pollution.
10. Heat Transfer in Engines.
11. Friction and Lubrication.
Answers to Selected Review Problems.

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