Enterprise Architecture Made Simple: Using the Ready, Set, Go Approach to Achieving Information Cent - Edvinsson, Hakan

Enterprise Architecture Made Simple: Using the Ready, Set, Go Approach to Achieving Information Cent

Hakan Edvinsson

Yayınevi: Technics Publications

Yayın tarihi: 11/2013

ISBN: 9781935504634

Yazar : Lottie Aderinne

İngilizce | 180 Sayfa | 23 x 15,5 cm.

Tür: Bilgisayar / Uygulamalar

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Learn how to institute and implement enterprise architecture in your organisation. You can make a quick start and establish a baseline for your enterprise architecture within ten weeks, then grow and stabilise the architecture over time using the proven Ready, Set, Go Approach. Reading this book will: Give you directions on how to institute and implement enterprise architecture in your organization. You will be able to build close relationships with stakeholders and delivery teams, but you will not need to micromanage the architectures operations; Increase your awareness that enterprise architecture is about business, not information technology; Enable you to initiate and facilitate dramatic business development. The architecture of an enterprise must be tolerant of currently unknown business initiatives; Show you how to get a holistic view of the process of implementing enterprise architecture; Make you aware that information is a key business asset and that information architecture is a key part of the enterprise architecture; Allow you to learn from our experiences. This book is based on our 30 years of work in the enterprise architecture field, colleagues in Europe, customer cases, and students. If your company is about to make a major change and you are looking for a way to reduce the changes into manageable pieces -- and still retain control of how they fit together -- this is your handbook. Maybe you are already acting as an enterprise architect and using a formal method, but you need practical hints. Or maybe you are about to set up an enterprise architect network or group of specialists and need input on how to organise your work. The Ready-Set-Go method for introducing enterprise architecture provides you, the enterprise architect, with an immediate understanding of the basic steps for starting, organising, and operating the entirety of your organisations architecture. Chapter 1 shows how to model and analyse your business operations, assess their current status, construct a future scenario, compare it to the current structure, analyse what you see, and show the result in a city plan. Chapter 2 deals with preparing for the implementation of the architecture with governance, enterprise architecture organisation, staffing, etc. This is the organising step before beginning the actual work. Chapter 3 establishes how to implement a city plan in practice. It deals with the practicalities of working as an enterprise architect and is called the running step. The common thread through all aspects of the enterprise architects work is the architects mastery of a number of tools, such as business models, process models, information models, and matrices. We address how to initiate the architecture process within the organisation in such a way that the overarching enterprise architecture and architecture-driven approach can be applied methodically and gradually improved.

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