Fortran 5e - Koffman, Elliot B.

Fortran 5e

Elliot B. Koffman

Yayınevi: Pearson Education

ISBN: 9780201590623

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Tür: Bilgisayar / Programlama

Addison-Wesley is pleased to offer this specially-priced update of Elliot Koffman and Frank Friedman's Fortran text. Assuming no prior knowledge of computers or programming, the authors teach effective problem-solving and program-design techniques. The text emphasizes a software engineering approach to program design and carefully applies a five-step problem-solving approach: problem specification, analysis, design, implementation, and testing/verification. Koffman and Friedman provide thorough coverage of Fortran 77, with special sections on Fortran 90, and the techniques learned serve as a solid foundation for future programming regardless of the language used.

1. Introduction to Computers and Programming
2. Problem Solving and FORTRAN
3. Decisions and IF Statement
4. Repetition and Loops
5. FORMAT Statements and Introduction to Files
6. Top-Down Design with Subprograms
7. Arrays
8. More Arrays and Subprograms
9. Sequential and Direct Access Files
10. String Manipulation
11. Plotting Functions and Computer-Aided Design
12. Introduction to Numerical Methods

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