Geotechnical Engineering Handbook 6E : Elements and Structures - Smoltczyk, Ulrich

Geotechnical Engineering Handbook 6E : Elements and Structures

Ulrich Smoltczyk

Yayınevi: John Wiley

Yayın tarihi: 10/2003

ISBN: 9783433014516

Ciltli | İngilizce | 666 Sayfa | 246 mm x 186 mm

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Volume 3 of this Handbook deals with foundations. It presents spread foundations starting with basic designs right up the necessary proofs. The section on pile foundations covers possible types of piles and their design, together with their load-bearing capacity, suitability, sample loads and testing. A further chapter explains the use, manufacture and calculation of caissons, illustrated by real-life examples. There is comprehensive coverage of the possibilities for stabilising excavations, together with the relevant area of application, while another section is devoted to the useful application of trench walls. Shore protection is treated in a special contribution covering sheet pile walls, while all types of slope protection and retainments are described in detail with excellent illustrations. Two further contributions are devoted to the special topics of machine foundations and foundations in subsidence regions. The entire book is an indispensable aid in the planning and execution of all types of foundations found in practice, whether for academics or practitioners.

Table of Contents
Spread Foundations (U. Smoltczyk, et al.).
Pile Foundations (H. Kempfert, et al.).
Caissons (H. Lingenfelser).
Stability of Excavations (A. Weissenbach, et al.).
Bored Pile Walls, Diaphragm Walls, Cut-off Walls (M. Stocker & B. Walz).
Sheet Pile Walls for Harbours and Waterways (B. Mazurkiewicz).
Gravity Retaining Walls (U. Smoltczyk).
Machine Foundations (G. Klein & D. Klein).
Foundations in Mining Regions (D. Placzek).
Watertight Buildings and Structures (A. Haack & K. Emig).
Subject Index.

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