Health Economics of Dementia  - WIMO, ANDERS

Health Economics of Dementia


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ISBN: 9780471983767


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The prevalence of dementia increases greatly with age so, with increasing numbers surviving to old age, Alzheimer's disease has reached epidemic proportions, and this trend will increase in the future. The disease is therefore having a significant effect on escalating health care costs. Meanwhile, drugs are being developed to alleviate the symptoms of dementia and different models of care are being tried out. All these factors have important cost implications but it has been difficult to draw any consistent conclusions from studies so far. This book will become the standard reference work in the subject. It provides a sound introduction to the disease, its epidemiology, care implications, and the development and use of drugs. It discusses the challenges of obtaining reliable data, and reviews the tools used to assess the outcomes and costs of dementia to date. It also deals with the pharmacoeconomics of the disease, making it essential reading for all those who work with patients with dementia as well as for professionals in the pharmaceutical industry. This volume is:
The first major text of its type to address this important area
Written by internationally well-known researchers in this field
A well-constructed, comprehensive and up-to-date volume providing a wealth of information

Table of Contents:
Classification and Diagnostics (L. Fratiglioni).
Epidemiology (L. Fratiglioni).
Symptomatology: Functional Capacity and Behaviour (H. Brodaty D. Lie).
Care Options and Service Innovations in Dementia Care (L. Johansson).
Different Ways of Organizing and Financing Health Care (S. Håkansson).
Cultural Concepts of Care for the Demented (B. Ineichen).
Interaction with People Suffering Severe Dementia (A. Norberg).
Distress and Burden for Family Caregivers (C. Whitlatch).
Principles of Pharmacoeconomics (M. Drummond).
Methodological Issues in Health Economic Studies of Dementia (G. Karlsson, et al.).
Modeling Disease Progression with Markov Models (F. Sonnenberg E. Leventhal).
Cost of Illness of Dementia (W. Max).
Costs of Dementia in the Netherlands (M. Koopmanschap, et al.).
Cost of Treatment and Care of Alzheimer's Disease in Germany (J.-M. Schulenburg, et al.).
Costing Community Care of People with Dementia (M. Knapp R. Wigglesworth).
Indirect Costs and Costing Informal Care (M. Koopmanschap W. Brouwer).
The Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) and Resource Use in Dementia Care (G. Ljunggren J. Morris).
Costs of Diagnostic Procedures (S. Gauthier).
How Will Japan Cope with the Impending Surge of Dementia? (Y. Arai N. Ikegami).
Drug Costs in Dementia Care (J. Fastbom M. Giron).
Costs of Dementia-Specific Care Approaches (A. Wimo, et al.).
Test Scores in Clinical Trials vs Performance in Real Life: Can Clinical Global Assessments Bridge the Gap? (R. Doody).
Severity Scales (B. Reisberg, et al.).
Measuring QALYs in Dementia (P. Neumann, et al.).
Assessing ADL/IADL in Persons with Dementia (L. Nygård).
Assessment of Cognitive Functioning (O. Almkvist).
Measurements of Quality of Life in Dementia (P. Whitehouse).
Assessment of Behavioral and Psychiatric Symptoms in Patients with Dementia Disorders (S. Eriksson A. Wimo).
Instruments to Measure the Family Caregiver Burden (M. Grafström P. Sandman).
Drug Authorities' Policy on the Assessment of Drugs for Dementia (S. Hill P. McGettigan).
Designing Phase III Trials of Anti-dementia Drugs with a View Towards Pharmacoeconomic Considerations (L. Schneider).
Evaluation of the Healthcare Resource Utilization and Caregiver Time in Anti-dementia Drug Trials (A. Wimo, et al.).
Clinical and Economic Considerations of Anti-Dementia Drug Treatment: Efficacy, Effectiveness, Efficiency (H. Feldman B. Prigent).
Ethical Considerations in Pharmacoeconomic Trials in Dementia (S. Post).
Issues in Cross-Cultural Assessment of Economic Outcomes in Dementia (E. Witthaus).
Nursing Home Placement and Mortality as Outcomes in Clinical Trials of Anti-Dementia Drugs: Methodological Issues (S. Gracon F. Smith).
Outcomes Research and Alzheimer's Disease: A Pharmaceutical Industry Perspective (V. Mastey).
A Proposed Health Economics Research Agenda for Dementia (B. Winblad, et al.).

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