Highway Design and Traffic Safety Engineering Handbook 1e - Lamm, Ruediger

Highway Design and Traffic Safety Engineering Handbook 1e

Ruediger Lamm

Yayınevi: McGraw Hill

ISBN: 9780070382954

Yazar : Basil Psarianos Theodor Mailaender

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Truly unique, this is the first book to present a thoroughly scientific and practical approach to designing highways for maximum safety. Based on original research plus scrupulously collected data amassed over more two decades in different continents by the main author, this important book originates vital criteria for safe design and shows you how best to achieve roads with the lowest possible accident risk and severity rates. A true must-read for highway engineers and safety officials, Highway Design and Traffic Safety Engineering Handbook provides up-to-date information that is available nowhere else and a complete, practical program for designing the safest possible roadways. The authors, who are noted international authorities on highway safety, give you essential information on sound new designs, design cases to avoid, examples of good and poor solutions, the redesign of existing roads, and far more. In addition, this valuable and necessary resource gives you serious help coordinating safety concerns with important economic, environmental, and aesthetic considerations. The new standard in highway design methods, this book will become a keystone in every highway designer's library.

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List of Acronyms
Part 1: NETWORK (NW)
CHAPTER 1: The Concept of Functional Classification
CHAPTER 2: Principles for Road Network Design
CHAPTER 3: Classification of Roads
CHAPTER 4: Transition to the Following Design Parts
CHAPTER 5: Introductory Considerations
CHAPTER 6: Overview
CHAPTER 7: Basic Procedure in Road Planning and Design with Special Emphasis on Environmental Protection Issues
CHAPTER 8: Relevant Speeds
CHAPTER 9: Safety Criteria I and II
CHAPTER 10: Driving Dynamics and Safety Criterion III
CHAPTER 11: General Alignment Issues with Respect to Safety
CHAPTER 12: Horizontal Alignment
CHAPTER 13: Vertical Alignment
CHAPTER 14: Design Elements of Cross Section
CHAPTER 15: Sight Distance
CHAPTER 16: Three-Dimensional Alignment
CHAPTER 17: Limiting Values of Design Elements
CHAPTER 18: Safety Evaluation Processes for Two-Lane Rural Roads
CHAPTER 19: Human Factors
CHAPTER 20: Road Safety Worldwide
CHAPTER 21: Summary of
Part 2 "Alignment"
CHAPTER 22: Methodical Procedure
CHAPTER 23: Overview
CHAPTER 24: Fundamentals for the Dimensions of the Cross-Sectional Design Elements
CHAPTER 25: Cross Section Design
CHAPTER 26: Summary of
Part 3 "Cross Sections"

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