History of American Literature - Gray, Richard

History of American Literature

Richard Gray

Yayınevi: Blackwell

ISBN: 9780631221357

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This history of American literature from pre-Columbian times to the present is written in an informed but accessible style by one of the leading authorities in the field. While paying attention to the full range of fiction, poetry, drama and non-fiction that has been incorporated into the mainstream literary canon, it also looks at other forms, including oral literature, folktales, spirituals, the blues, the western, the detective story, the thriller and science fiction. All this writing is placed in the context of American social and cultural history both before and after the formation of the United States.
Taking account of the radical changes that have occurred in our understanding of American literature over the past 30 years, this book concentrates above all on the plural character of culture in the United States, the conflicting forces at work in its history, and the continuing acts of imagination that constitute the making of this nation.

Table of Contents
1. The First Americans: American Literature Before And During The Colonial And Revolutionary Periods: Native American Oral Traditions
Accounts Of Spanish And French Encounters With America
Accounts Written From An Anglo-American Perspective
Writing Of The Colonial And Revolutionary Periods.
2. Inventing Americas: The Making Of American Literature 1800-1865: The Making Of American Myths
The Making Of American Selves
The Making Of Many Americas
The Making Of American Fiction And Poetry
Reconstructing The Past, Reimagining The Future: The Development Of American Literature 1865-1900: The Development Of Literary Regionalisms
The Development Of Literary Realism And Naturalism
The Development Of Women's Writing
The Development Of Many Americas.
4. Making It New: The Emergence Of Modern American Literature 1900-1945: Between Victorianism And Modernism
The Inventions Of Modernism
Traditionalism, Politics And Prophecy
Community And Identity
Mass Culture And The Writer.
5. Negotiating The American Century: American Literature Since 1945: Formalists And Confessionals
Beats, Prophets And Aesthetes
The Art And Politics Of Race
Realism And Its Discontents
Against Language And Genre
Creating New Americas.

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