History of Modern Art 5e - Arnason, H.H.

History of Modern Art 5e

H.H. Arnason

Yayınevi: Prentice Hall

Yayın tarihi: 10/2003

ISBN: 9780131840690

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Tür: Sanat Tarihi

Comprehensive, authoritative, and insightful, Arnason's History of Modern Art remains the definitive source of information on the art of the modern era from Modernism's mid-nineteenth-century European beginnings to today's divergent art trends. Now full color throughout, this Fifth Edition has been completely redesigned to make it even more elegant and easy-to-use. New headings, subheadings, and. a glossary have been added to help the reader navigate the material and quickly identify areas of interest. The entire text has been carefully edited for greater clarity, narrative coherence, and scholarly currency. Of particular interest is Chapter 27, now entitled "Resistance and Resolution" (known as the "Epilogue" in the previous edition), which has been completely rewritten by art historian Peter Kalb to consider the latest' scholarship and emerging trends in contemporary art. The late H.H. Arnason was a distinguished art historian, educator, and museum administrator who for many years was Vice President for Art Administration of the Solomon Guggenheim Museum in New York. He . began his professional life in academe, teaching at Northwestern University, University of Chicago, and Unive From 1947 to 1961, Arnason was Professor and Chairman of the Department of Art at the University of Minnesota.

Table of Contents
1. The Sources of Modern Painting.
2. Realism, Impressionism, and Early Photography.
3. Post-Impressionism.
4. The Origins of Modern Architecture and Design.
5. Art Nouveau and the Beginnings of Impressionism.
6. The Origins of Modern Sculpture.
7. Fauvism.
8. Expressionism in Germany.
9. The Figurative Tradition in Early Twentieth-Century Sculpture.
10. Cubism.
11. Futurism, Abstraction in Russia, and de Stijl.
12. Early Twentieth-Century Architecture.
13. From Fantasy to Dada and the New Objectivity.
14. The School of Paris after World War I.
15. Surrealism.
16. Modern Architecture Between the Wars.
17. International Abstraction Between the Wars.
18. American Art Before World War II.
19. Abstract Expressionism and the New American Art.
20. Postwar European Art.
21. Pop Art and Europes New Realism.
22. Sixties Abstraction.
23. The Second Wave of International Style Architecture.
24. The Pluralistic Seventies.
25. Postmodernism in Architecture.
26. The Retrospective Eighties.
27. Resistance and Resolution.
Index. Credits.
1210 illustrations, 553 in color.

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