Hittite Capital Hattusa : Alacahöyük and Shapinuwa-İngilizce - Kolektif

Hittite Capital Hattusa : Alacahöyük and Shapinuwa-İngilizce


Yayınevi: Uranus

Yayın tarihi: 05/2013

ISBN: 9786055940225

İngilizce | 136 Sayfa | 14 x 20 cm.

Tür: Gezi-Türkiye

From King Hattusili I's political testament :

"The Great King, the Tabarna, to the totality of the high military officials said : I have now become ill. Mursili is my son! You must recognize him! You must install him! Truly, much courage is given to him by the gods. The god will install only a lion in place of a lion! At what time the qord of the camp goes forth, or perhaps a word of rebellion is stirred up, you, my servants and chief officers, must be helpers for my son! After three years he may go on campaign, you keep the word of your father. If you keep it, Hattusa will rise high, and your land you will keep in peace. Eat bread and drink water. When you became a mature man eat two-three times a day. once old age falls in you drink deep. oh son, what is in your heart, do it.. Wash me well... Hold me at your breast, ad at your breast protect me from the earth..."

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