How the Cold War Transformed Philosophy of Science : To the Icy Slopes of Logic - Reisch, George

How the Cold War Transformed Philosophy of Science : To the Icy Slopes of Logic

George Reisch

Yayınevi: Cambridge University Press

Yayın tarihi: 03/2005

ISBN: 9780521546898

İngilizce | 432 Sayfa |

Tür: Genel Felsefe

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This intriguing and ground-breaking book is the first in-depth study of the development of philosophy of science in the United States during the Cold War. It documents the political vitality of logical empiricism and Otto Neurath's Unity of Science Movement when these projects emigrated to the US in the 1930s and follows their de-politicization by a convergence of intellectual, cultural and political forces in the 1950s. Students of logical empiricism and the Vienna Circle treat these as strictly intellectual non-political projects. In fact, the refugee philosophers of science were highly active politically and debated questions about values inside and outside science, as a result of which their philosophy of science was scrutinized politically both from within and without the profession, by such institutions as J. Edgar Hoover's FBI. It will prove absorbing reading to philosophers and historians of science, intellectual historians, and scholars of Cold War studies.

Table of Contents

1 An introduction to logical empiricism and the unity of science movement in the cold war 1
2 Otto Neurath, Charles Morris, Rudolf Carnap, and Philipp Frank : political philosophers of science 27
3 Leftist philosophy of science in America and the reception of logical empiricism in New York city 57
4 "Doomed in advance to defeat"? John Dewey on reductionism, values, and the international encyclopedia of unified science 83
5 Red philosophy of science : Blumberg, Malisoff, Somerville, and early Philosophy of Science 96
6 The view from the left : logical empiricism and radical philosophers 118
7 The view from the far left : logical empiricism and communist philosophers 136
8 Postwar disillusionment, anti-intellectualism, and the values debate 149
9 Horace Kallen's attack on the unity of science 167
10 Creeping totalitarianism, creeping scholasticism : Neurath, Frank, and the trouble with semantics 191
11 Frank's Neurathian Crusade : science, enlightenment, and values 208
12 "A very fertile field for investigation" : anticollectivism and anticommunism in popular and academic culture 234
13 Anticommunist investigations, loyalty oaths, and the wrath of Sidney Hook 259
14 Competing programs for postwar philosophy of science 283
15 Freedom celebrated : the professional decline of Philipp Frank and the unity of science movement 307
16 The marginalization of Charles Morris 331
17 Values, axioms, and the icy slopes of logic 344
18 Professionalism, power, and what might have been 369

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