How to Cure a Fanatic - Oz, Amos

How to Cure a Fanatic

Amos Oz

Yayınevi: Vintage UK

Yayın tarihi: 11/2012

ISBN: 9780099572725

İngilizce | 112 Sayfa | Cep boy |  10,21x14,81x1,19 cm.

Tür: Siyaset Bilimi

  • 5,99 £ | 38,50 TL

In "How To Cure a Fanatic" Amos Oz analyses the historical roots of violence and confronts truths about the extremism nurtured throughout society. By bringing us face to face with fanaticism he suggests ways in which we can all respond. In "Help Us to Divorce" he convinces irrefutably that the Israel-Palestinian conflict is primarily a dispute over 'whose house this is'. In his characteristically lucid, intelligent and inspiring prose Amos Oz is unafraid to advocate solutions to the dispute and to espouse his belief that there will, one day, be a resolution to the conflict. 'I'm no longer a European in any sense, except through the pain of my parents and my ancestors, who left forever in my genes a sense of unrequited love for Europe...But if I were a European, I'd be careful not to point the finger at anyone. Instead of calling the Israelis this name or the Palestinians that name, I would do anything I could to help both sides, because both of them are on the verge of making the most painful decision of their history...You no longer have to choose between being pro-Israel or pro-Palestine, you have to be pro-peace'.

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