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Intel Microprocessors 8086-80486 Pentium and Pentium Pro Processor 5e


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Subject: Microprocessors - Intel 8086/8088/80x86-Electrical Engineering -Microprocessors - 16 and 32-bit Chips-Electrical Engineering -Intel 16-32 Bit Chips-Electronic Technology -Pentium Chip-Electronic Technology For Introductory level Microprocessor courses in departments of Electronic Engineering Technology or Electrical Engineering.

Keeping students on the forefront of technology, this timely text offers a practical reference to all programming and interfacing aspects of the popular Intel family of microprocessors. Organized in an orderly and manageable format that stimulates and challenges understanding, the text contains numerous example programs using the Microsoft Macro Assembler program, and provides a thorough description of each Intel family member, memory systems, and various I/O systems.

NEW-Unique coverage of the latest technology-The only text currently available that provides complete and detailed coverage of the entire Intel family of microprocessors-from the Intel 8086/8088 to the Pentium II.

Keeps students abreast of the most recent technological tools and techniques, developing their abilities to understand and use the same or similar tools in their own careers.

NEW-New chapter on the interface of assembly language and C/C++ (Ch. 8)-The only text currently available that explains how to interface assembly language with C/C++, including the use of the in-line assembler and stand-alone assembly language modules that are linked to C/C++ programs.

Develops students' ability to develop modern programs for use with the Intel family of microprocessors.

NEW-New chapter on the Pentium II microprocessor (Ch. 19)-Describes the features of the Pentium II, illustrates the pinout of the Pentium II cartridge, and provides a basic introduction to both the Pentium II and Xeon microprocessors. Familiarizes students with the latest technology better preparing them for the world of work.

NEW- Expanded treatment of basic I/O interfaces (Chs. 11-13)-Provides additional basic interfacing concepts, details the design of drivers for common interfacing components, and includes a new section on the interface and application of LCD display panels.

NEW-New coverage and discussions on the MMX (multimedia-extension) technology instruction set (Ch. 14)-Integrates these discussions-plus a wealth of example applications-into complete coverage of the arithmetic coprocessor and reflects additions to the latest generation of Pentium microprocessors. Extends understanding beyond the classroom and past the printed page, engaging students in relevant assignments using today's hottest technologies

. NEW-New presentation of the AGP and USB bus interfaces (Ch. 15)-Integrates these cutting-edge technologies into coverage of common microprocessor buses, also including ISA, VESA, and PCI.

Offers examples that allow students to access and design interfaces to these microcomputer bus systems.

Focus on programming-Devotes the entire first half of the text to assembly language programming, presenting hundreds of example programs.

Illustrates for students both the essentials of programming and the instruction set, developing both a theoretical and applicable understanding. Solid pedagogical framework in each chapter-Includes chapter introductions and summaries as well as a wealth of practice problems and questions.

Guides students through apparatus that reinforces and applies their knowledge to build a solid understanding of essential concepts.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction to the Microprocessor and Computer.
2. The Microprocessor and Its Architecture.
3. Addressing Modes.
4. Data Movement Instructions.
5. Arithmetic and Logic Instructions.
6. Program Control Instructions.
7. Programming the Microprocessor.
8. Using Assembly Language with C/C++.
9. 8086/8088 Hardware Specifications.
10. Memory Interface.
11. Basic I/O Interface.
12. Interrupts.
13. Direct Memory Access and DMA-Controlled I/O.
14. The Arithmetic Coprocessor and MMX Technology.
15. Bus Interface.
16. The 80186, 80188, and 80286 Microprocessors.
17. The 80386 and 80468 Microprocessors.
18. The Pentium and Pentium Pro Microprocessors.
19. The Pentium II Microprocessor.
Appendix A: The Assembler, Disk Operating System, Basic I/O System, Mouse, and DPMI Memory Manager.
Appendix B: Instruction Set Summary.
Appendix C: Flag-Bit Changes.
Appendix D: Answers to Selected
Even-Numbered Questions and Problems.

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