International Law 1e - Evans, Malcolm D.

International Law 1e

Malcolm D. Evans

Yayınevi: Oxford University Press

Yayın tarihi: 01/2003

ISBN: 9780199251148

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Tür: Hukuk  |  Siyaset

A stellar line-up of authors, drawn from those actively involved in the practice and teaching of international law, offer authoritative and stimulating perspectives on the subject

Offers the most up-to-date analysis of all key issues and themes, reflecting the breadth and diversity of public international law

Can be used as a stand alone volume - coverage maps closely onto courses; considering the building blocks of the law and key contemporary issues

Clear 7-part structure assists navigation throughout, and engaging and lucid written style ensures accessibility for all those studying international law

Sound guidance from an experienced editor ensures consistency in writing level and tone across all chapters

Select further reading sections guide towards more focused research

This new text reflects the breadth and diversity of contemporary public international law, offering original commentaries from key authorities actively involved in the current practice and teaching of the discipline. Coverage closely follows the scope of current courses, opening with introductory contributions from representatives of institutions such as an the International Civil Service and the International Court. Parts I-VI address the key building blocks of the law - such as its history, theories and sources and the notions of international sovereignty and responsibility. Part VII provides overviews of contemporary areas of interest such as international criminal law. The 7-part structure enables easy navigation throughout while the focused further reading sections guide students towards the most relevant sources for detailed research. Written in an engaging and lucid style, this volume is an ideal resource for both undergraduates and postgraduates of international law.

Readership: Undergraduates and postgraduates following an optional International Law course as part of their degree programme.

Introduction: Perspectives on International Law
Mr Ralph Zacklin: From the International Civil Servant
Mr Michael Wood: From the National Diplomat
HE Judge Rosalyn Higgins: From the International Court
Lord Millet: From the National Court
Mr Ian Brownlie CBE QC: From the Bar
Dr Campbell McLachlan: From the Solicitor
I The History and Theory of International Law
1 Dr Stephen Neff: A Short History of International Law
2 Professor Martii Koskenniemi: What is International Law For?
II The Structure of International Obligation
3 Professor Hugh Thirlway: The Sources of International Law as a Consensual Bond
4 Professor Dinah Shelton: International Law and 'Relative Normativity'
5 Professor Malgosia Fitzmaurice: The Law of Treaties
III The Subjects of the International Legal Order
6 Professor Colin Warbrick: State and Recognition in International Law
7 Dr Dapo Akande: International Organizations
8 Professor Robert McCorquodale: The Individual and the International Legal System
IV The Scope of Sovereignty
9 Professor Vaughan Lowe: Sovereignty and the Principles of Jurisdiction
10 Lady Hazel Fox: Restraints upon Exercise of National Jurisdiction by States
11 Dr Chanaka Wickremasinghe: Personal Immunities from National Jurisdiction
12 Professor Eileen Denza: The Relationship Between International and National Law
V Responsibility
13 Professor James Crawford: The Nature and Forms of International Responsibility
14 Dr Phoebe Okowa: Admissibility, Nationality and Defences to Responsibility
VI Responding to Breaches of International Obligations
15 Professor Nigel White: Countermeasures and Sanctions
16 Professor John Merrills: The Means of Dispute Settlement
17 Professor Hugh Thirwell: The International Court of Justice
18 Dr Christine Gray: The Use of Force and the International Legal Order
VII The Application of International Law
19 Professor Malcolm Evans: The Law of the Sea
20 Ms Catherine Redgwell: International Environmental Law
21 Professor Gerhard Loibl: International Economic Law
22 Professor Antonio Cassese: International Criminal Law
23 Professor Henry Steiner: International Protection of Human Rights
24 Professor Christopher Greenwood: Humanitarian Law

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