Laboratory Tests and Diagnostic Procedures with Nursing Diagnoses 6e - Corbett, Jane V.

Laboratory Tests and Diagnostic Procedures with Nursing Diagnoses 6e

Jane V. Corbett

Yayınevi: Prentice Hall

Yayın tarihi: 10/2003

ISBN: 9780130493699

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Written by a highly respected author in the lab and diagnostic test field, this resource explains in detail the clinica1 significance of tests and diagnostic procedures. Its comprehensive coverage is augmented by a strong emphasis on nursing care as applied to lab and diagnostic tests, and on the relationship between nursing diagnoses and nursing care. Both scholarly and practical, it is ideal for use in both classroom and clinical settings. Each chapter is organized as an independent study unit--complete with objectives, an organizing theme with background information (called an expository organizer), and test questions.

NEW TO THE SIXTH EDITION *Evidence-based practice with extensive reference lists for each chapter *Updates on tests and treatments that provide the latest breakthroughs in diagnostic testing and treatment modalities *Laboratory data updates such as issues on point-of-care testing, use of panic or critical values, and more *Updated guidelines and diagnostic procedures for mammogram, revised Bethesda guidelines for reporting cervical cytology, sentinel node biopsies using radionuclides, and expanded use of CT and MRI scans *300 new references provide the most current and reliable information KEY FEATURES *Focus on the nurse explains lab tests are used in nursing care and the nurse's role for diagnostic procedures *Chapters grouped by possible nursing diagnoses with objectives and review questions *Reference values and wide range of examples of use for entire life span and in a variety of settings *Current NANDA nursing diagnoses with specific nursing interventions for each test and procedure Medical diagnoses and medical interventions that include a discussion of usual medical intervention for a particular set of circumstances.

Table of Contents
1. Using Laboratory Data.
2. Hematology Tests.
3. Routine Urinalysis and Other Urine Tests.
4. Renal Function Tests.
5. Four Commonly Measured Electrolytes.
6. Arterial Blood Gases.
7. Three Less Commonly Measured Electrolytes.
8. Tests to Measure the Metabolism of Glucose and Other Sugars.
9. Tests to Measure Lipid Metabolism and Other Cardiac Risk Factors.
10. Tests Related to Serum Protein Levels, Tumor Markers and Cancer Genomics.
11. Tests to Measure the Metabolism of Bilirubin.
12. Tests to Measure Enzymes and Cardiac Markers.
13. Coagulation Tests and Tests to Detect Occult Blood.
14. Serologic Tests.
15. Endocrine Tests.
16. Culture and Sensitivity Tests.
17. Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Toxicology Screens.
18. Tests Performed in Pregnancy, Newborn Period and for Genetic Screening.
19. Practice Interpretation of Laboratory Data.
20. Diagnostic Radiologic Tests.
21. Body Scans.
22. Diagnostic Tests with Radionuclides or Radioisotopes.
23. Diagnostic Ultrasonography.
24. Common Noninvasive Diagnostic Tests.
25. Common Invasive Tests.
26. Stress Tests, Cardiac Catheterizations, Electrophysiologic Studies and Tests for Syncope.
27. Endoscopic Procedures.
28. Diagnostic Procedures Related to Childbearing Years.
Appendix A: Reference Values for Newborns and Children Compared with Adult Values.
Appendix B: Possible Alterations in Reference Values for the Aged.
Appendix C: Altered Reference Values for Common Laboratory Tests in Normal Pregnancies.
Appendix D: Units of Measure.
Appendix E: Answers to Questions for Part I (Laboratory Tests).
Appendix F: Answers to Questions for Part III (Diagnostic Procedures).
Appendix G: SI Conversion Factors.

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