Limits of Eurocentricity - Wilson, Keith

Limits of Eurocentricity

Keith Wilson

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Yayın tarihi: 01/2006

ISBN: 9789754283310

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The Limits of Eurocentricity ? the case of the British Empire 1904-1914.
1. Prologue to Policy-Making: Sir E. Grey and the National Review articles 1901-2.
2. Found and Lost in Translation: Bertie, Cambon, Landsdowne, Delcassé and the Anglo-French ?alliance? of May 1905
3. The Anglo-Japanese Alliance of 1905 and the defending of India: the case of the worst-case scenario
4. Creative Accounting: the place of loans to Persia in the commencent of the negotiation of the Anglo-Russian Convention of 1907
5. Passing on the Straits: the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus in Anglo-Russian relations 1904-1907
6. Sir E. Crowe on the origins of the Crowe memorandum of 1 January 1907
7. The Anglo-French Entente re-visited, 1906-1914.
8. Hankey's Appendix: inter-service rivalry during and after the Agadir crisis, 1911.
9. Understanding the ?misunderstanding? of 1 August 1914.
10. Curzon outwith India: a note on the lost committee on Persia, 1915-1916.
11. General Wilson and the Channel Tunnel before and after the Great War
Map: Persia as divided by the Anglo-Russian Convention of 1907

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