Manufacturing Engıneering and Technology 4e - Kalpakjian, Serope

Manufacturing Engıneering and Technology 4e

Serope Kalpakjian

Yayınevi: Peachpit

Yayın tarihi: 06/2000

ISBN: 9780201361315

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Tür: Endüstri

New edition of a text that provides balanced coverage of relevant fundamentals and real-world practices so that the student can understand the important and often complex interrelationships among the many technical and economic factors involved in manufacturing. In the 40 chapters, Kalpakjian (Illinois Institute of Technology) and Schmid (aerospace and mechanical engineering, U. of Notre Dame) discuss fundamentals of materials (their behavior and manufacturing properties), metal-casting processes and equipment, forming and shaping processes and equipment, material-removal processes and machines, joining processes and equipment, surface technology, common aspects of manufacturing, and manufacturing in a competitive environment. Illustrated with b&w charts and drawings.

Table of Contents
General Introduction
Part. I Fundamentals of Materials: Their Behavior and Manufacturing Properties
1 The Structure of Metals
2 Mechanical Behavior, Testing, and Manufacturing Properties of Materials
3 Physical Properties of Materials
4 Metal Alloys: Their Structure and Strengthening by Heat Treatment
5 Steels: Production, General Properties, and Applications
6 Nonferrous Metals and Alloys: Production, General Properties, and Applications
7 Polymers: Structure, General Properties, and Applications
8 Ceramics, Graphite, and Diamond: Structure, General Properties, and Applications
9 Composite Materials: Structure, General Properties, and Applications
Part. II Metal-Casting Processes and Equipment
10 Fundamentals of Metal Casting
11 Metal-Casting Processes
12 Casting Design, Materials, and Economics
Part. III Forming and Shaping Processes and Equipment
13 Rolling
14 Forging
15 Extrusion and Drawing
16 Sheet-Metal Forming
17 Powder Metallurgy
18 Forming and Shaping Plastics and Composite Materials; Rapid Prototyping
19 Forming and Shaping Ceramics and Glass
Part. IV Material-Removal Processes and Machines
20 Fundamentals of Cutting
21 Cutting-Tool Materials and Cutting Fluids
22 Machining Processor for Producing Round Shapes
23 Machining Processes for Producing Various Shapes
24 Machining and Turning Centers, Machine-Tool Structures, and Machining Economics
25 Abrasive Machining and Finishing Operations
26 Nontraditional Machining Processes
Part. V Joining Processes and Equipment
27 Fusion Welding Processes
28 Solid-State Welding Processes
29 The Metallurgy of Welding; Welding Design and Process Selection
30 Brazing, Soldering, Adhesive Bonding, and Mechanical Fastening Processes
Part. VI Surface Technology
31 Surfaces: Their Nature, Roughness, and Measurement 33 Surface Treatment, Coating, and Cleaning
34 Fabrication of Microelectronic Devices
Part. VII Common Aspects of Manufacturing
35 Engineering Metrology and Instrumentation
36 Quality Assurance, Testing, and Inspection
37 Human-Factors Engineering, Safety, and Product Liability
Part. VIII Manufacturing in a Competitive Environment
38 Automation of Manufacturing Processes
39 Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Systems
40 Competitive Aspects of Manufacturing

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