Masculinities and the Nation in the Modern World : Between Hegemony and Marginalization -

Masculinities and the Nation in the Modern World : Between Hegemony and Marginalization

Yayınevi: Palgrave Macmillan

Yayın tarihi: 10/2015

ISBN: 9781137536099

Ciltli | İngilizce | 336 Sayfa |

Tür: Kültür Sosyolojisi

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Masculinities and the Nation in the Modern World provides fresh perspectives on the connections between gender and the nation by focusing on the role of masculinities in various processes of nation-building in the modern world between the early nineteenth century and the 1960s. This edited volume calls attention to the myriad ways in which nationalized hegemonic masculinities were produced and perpetuated in Western societies by adding a new analytical dimension by suggesting that "marginal" white masculinities frequently constituted an in-between category that helped strengthen dominant ideals of gendered nationalism. Masculinities and the Nation in the Modern World also highlights the ambiguities of hegemonic masculinities regarding the nation in transnational contexts created by colonialism, imperialism, and their legacies. Although transnational processes of exchange, translation, and adaptation allowed Western nations to subdue and marginalize non-Western and non-white masculinities, a closer look at these processes reveals how marginalized men could not only retain agency vis-à-vis Western nation-building efforts but also creatively adapt Western nationalism in their attempts to construct their own gendered "imagined communities."

1. "The Crushing of Southern Manhood": War, Masculinity, and the Confederate Nation-State, 1861-1865; Craig Thompson Friend 2. Mormon Manhood and Its Critics: Polygamy and the Construction of Hegemonic Masculinity in the United States; Steve Estes 3. Eugenic Nationalism, Biopolitics, and the Masculinization of Hysteria: Historical and Theoretical Reflections; Anna Loutfi 4. Preserving the Family and the Nation: Eugenic Masculinity Concepts, Expert Intervention, and the American Family in the United States, 1900-1960; Isabel Heinemann 5. "Less Than a Boot-Rag": Procreation, Paternity, and the Masculine Ideal in Fascist Italy; Martina Salvante 6. Martial Men in Virgin Lands? Nineteenth-Century Filibustering, Nation-Building, and Competing Notions of Masculinity in the United States and Nicaragua; Andreas Beer 7. Controlling Los Hombres: American State Power and the Emasculation of the Mexican Community, 1845-1900; Brian D. Behnken 8. "Failure to Provide": Mexican Immigration, Americanization, and Marginalized Masculinities in the Interwar United States; Claudia Roesch 9. Marginal Centers: Martial Masculinities in Late Meiji Japan; Denis Gainty 10. The Transnational Origins of Hegemonic Dominican Masculinity; Maja Horn 11. Changing Heads and Hats: Nationalism and Modern Masculinities in the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey; Katja Jana 12. "Youth of Awo-Omama Will Boycott Their Girls": Men, Marriage, and Ethno-Cultural Nationalism in Southern Nigeria, 1920-1956; Saheed Aderinto

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