Memory - Moulin, Chris


Chris Moulin

Yayınevi: John Wiley High Education

Yayın tarihi: 01/2011

ISBN: 9781405129411

Yazar : Martin Conway

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Tür: Psikoloji

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Memory is the most researched, and taught, area in cognitive psychology. In recent years the study of memory has broadened. Advances in neuro-imaging technology and the availability of such tools to researchers has lead to a new understanding of memory function, with new models derived solely from imaging methods. The application of memory theory to new areas such as social cognition and theories of the self mean that the appeal of memory research has never been greater. This book is designed as a core text, which will introduce students to these newer aspects of memory research, making it unique. In addition, contemporary (and often more American) research themes which are somewhat under-represented in other European texts, such as False Memory and Eyewitness Memory will be covered in detail here. Such topics are consistently popular with undergraduates, and thus appear on many courses, but appear unsupported by most texts.

The original plan was for the book to consist of 10 core chapters suitable for teaching memory from a more traditional viewpoint, to be followed by 10 chapters that reflect current hot topics in memory. As a response to reviewers' comments, these "hot topics" will now be incorporated into the main text as illustrations and examples.

A major feature of the book is the clear neuropsychological focus. Each chapter will begin with an illustrative case or disorder, which places the study of memory firmly in the real world, with a concrete example of the importance of memory function in everyday life. These cases and disorders themselves will illustrate how cognitive psychology now gathers converging evidence from brain degeneration (e.g. Alzheimer's disease and Semantic Dementia), genetic abnormalities (Williams syndrome, Downs syndrome), neuroimaging (e.g. PET activation in Aging) as well as the more traditional lesion studies. It is the authors' experience that teaching using such illustrative cases is both thought provoking and supportive.

The authors feel that most of the competition is unnecessarily long, and that they can keep to a shorter extent than the competition, whilst not compromising coverage. However, it is likely that the extent may increase by 30,000 words. It's notable that none of the reviewers highlighted a discrepancy between proposed length and comprehensiveness of coverage.

NB more research needs to be done on pricing policy in the US - I'd welcome the thoughts of the meeting.

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