Methods, Standards, and Work Design 11e Revised - Niebel, Benjamin W.

Methods, Standards, and Work Design 11e Revised

Benjamin W. Niebel

Yayınevi: McGraw Hill

ISBN: 9780071240451

Yazar : Andris Freivalds

İngilizce | 768 Sayfa |

Tür: Endüstri

Faced with increasing global competition, every industry, business, and service organization is restructuring itself to operate more effectively. Cost-effectiveness and product reliability without excess capacity are the keys to successful activity in business, industry, and government, and these keys are the end results of methods engineering. The 11th edition of "Methods, Standards, and Work Design" provides practical, up-to-date descriptions of engineering methods to measure, analyze, and design manual work. The text emphasizes both the manual components and the cognitive aspects of work, recognizing the gradual decline of the manufacturing sector and the growth of the service sector. The importance of ergonomics and work design as part of methods engineering is emphasized not only to increase productivity, but also to improve worker health and safety, and thus, company bottom-line costs.

Table of contents

1 Methods, Standards, and Work Design: Introduction
2 Problem-Solving Tools
3 Operation Analysis
4 Manual Work Design
5 Workplace, Equipment, and Tool Design
6 Work Environment Design
7 Design of Cognitive Work
8 Proposed Method Implementation
9 Time Study
10 Performance Rating
11 Allowances
12 Standard Data and Formulas
13 Predetermined Time Systems
14 Work Sampling
15 Indirect and Expense Labor Standards
16 Standards Follow-Up and Uses
17 Wage Payment
18 Training and Other Management Practices

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