Myths of Zionism - Rose, John

Myths of Zionism

John Rose

Yayınevi: Pluto

Yayın tarihi: 09/2004

ISBN: 9780745320557

İngilizce | 240 Sayfa |

Tür: Azınlık-Etnik

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This is a controversial book. It is a critical account of the cultural roots of Zionism. John Rose shows how this powerful political force is based in ancient stories and mythology: many of these stories, as with other mythologies, have no basis in fact. However, because Zionism is a living political force, these myths have been used to justify very real and political ends -- namely, the expulsion and continuing persecution of the Palestinians. Chapter-by-chapter, John Rose scrutinises the roots of the myths of Zionism. He separates fact from fiction presenting a detailed historiography of their origins and development. This includes an examination of biblical archeology, as well as a detailed exploration of Judaism's links to this particular region of the Middle East. He shows clearly that Zionism makes many false claims on Jewish religion and history. He questions its rationale as a response to European anti-Semitism, and shows that, if there is ever to be peace and reconciliation in the land of Palestine, this intellectual dishonesty must be addressed.

Table of Contents
1. 'The Bible is our Mandate'
2. 'The Distinguishing Characteristic of the Jews has been their Exile'
3. '...Eighteen Centuries of Jewish Suffering'
4. 'Us' Jews 'Them' Arabs
Part 1. A message from a Cairo synagogue, a thousand years ago
5. 'A land without people...
6....for a people without land'
7. Plucky Little Israel or Great Power Protege?
Part 2. Britain & the Zionist colony in Palestine
8. 'The Nazi Holocaust proved the urgency for a Jewish State'
9. Plucky Little Israel or Great Power Protege?
Part 3. How Israel became a Strategic Asset, for the United States
10. 'Us Jews Them Arabs'
Part 4. The lost Jewish Arab symblosis: in search of the 'spark of hope in the past'
Conclusion 'Out of the Ashes'

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