Plagiarism : Why It Happens : How to Prevent It - Gilmore, Barry

Plagiarism : Why It Happens : How to Prevent It

Barry Gilmore

Yayınevi: Heinemann

Yayın tarihi: 09/2008

ISBN: 9780325022505

İngilizce | 139 Sayfa | 18 x 22 cm

Tür: Eğitim (Genel)  |  Eğitim

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You dread confronting students who have plagiarized. But every year you have to. By the time you detect a simple citation mistake or a research misdemeanor, it's too late. The right prevention strategy can reduce or eliminate the incidence of plagiarism. And in Barry Gilmore's Plagiarism, you'll get classroom-tested prevention strategies and much more. Copycats aren't all the same. Some are dishonest, some merely confused. That's why Barry Gilmore (bestselling author of "Is It Done Yet?" and Speaking Volumes) presents a full menu of strategies for prevention. Plagiarism's ideas work inside and outside your classroom: Use Plagiarism to build students' understanding of plagiarism and set expectations for academic honesty. Use the Plagiarism Study Guide with colleagues to discuss and implement Gilmore's prevention techniques in your department. Give your principal Plagiarism to initiate a schoolwide plagiarism discussion. Watch how Plagiarism's approachhelps students detect plagiarism before you ever have to. And for those times when you must confront academic dishonesty, Plagiarism models effective detection and response. It tells you how to turn writing's worst offense into a powerful teaching moment. You'll help students: understand the seriousness of the issue learn prewriting and research strategies that encourage originality write in their own voices. The potential for plagiarism is ever present. But with Barry Gilmore's help, you can stop it before students hand in their papers. Read Plagiarism. From prevention to detection to intervention, you'll reduce academic dishonesty and help students see the importance of their own words-before it's too late. Hear a podcast where Barry Gilmore answers Carol Jago's questions about responding to and preventing plagiarism.

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